Black Adam Looks Massive As The Rock Shares Shirtless DC Set Photo

On a normal day, Dwayne Johnson looks pretty massive; which is probably part of why it’s so hard to shake his pro-wrestling name of The Rock. But when it comes to his work on the DC Comics film Black Adam, the man has been keeping himself in the best shape possible, and he’s showing it off yet again. Thanks to a new shirtless photo from the set of next year’s anti-hero showdown, those results keep on giving for fans of Johnson’s muscular visage.

If you’re a loyal viewer to Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram, then you may have seen this Black Adam set photo already. But is there ever such a thing as too much of The Rock in your day? Depending on your answer to that question, you’ll either really enjoy the following embed, or you just might skip over to the rest of the story. If it’s any consolation, there’s a pretty awesome message about how Black Adam filming is almost wrapped included below:

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This Black Adam image shows more than just the totally shredded body that Dwayne Johnson has been maintaining throughout this film’s shoot. In fact, the reason for Johnson’s shirtless state is actually practical, as motion capture dots are being painted on his body, in order to match his muscle movement in an effect to be determined. It certainly isn’t because they need to add muscles to Dwayne Johnson, unless Black Adam somehow gains an extra set when he activates his powers.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this Black Adam update is how much Dwayne Johnson enforces the fact that this film is the hardest physical challenge of his career. That’s not pertaining to the stunts that Johnson will have to do in director Jaume Collet-Serra’s big DC Comics debut, but rather the work that The Rock has had to put into maintaining the shape his nickname entails. It sounds like the effort is well worth it though, as “raising the bar” looks pretty good if this is the end result.

All of that time in Iron Paradise has given Black Adam fans a DC character that’s truly shaped like a god. If there was ever a doubt that Dwayne Johnson wasn’t giving the DC Universe his all, this photo should certainly be the final proof that The Rock is as solid in his work ethic as he is with his exercise regimen. The cheat days are probably going to be absolutely sweet once this one wraps up, and we can’t wait to see those shared on Instagram as well.

Black Adam is slated to release on July 29, 2022, in what’s shaping up to be a rather competitive frame at next year’s box office. Though if you want to see more action comedy from Dwayne Johnson, Disney’s Jungle Cruise opens on July 28th, and Netflix’s Red Notice will be delivered on November 12th. And who knows? Maybe there’s a big blockbuster that’ll have Johnson’s voice included as a cameo. Try scouring the 2021 release schedule, and see if you can solve that mystery for yourself.

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