Following Black Adam, Pierce Brosnan Is Teaming With Pitch Perfect's Adam DeVine For Netflix Comedy

Pierce Brosnan and Adam DeVine

Pierce Brosnan is a man who knows his way around action, whether it’s from his four-movie tenure as James Bond or more recent flicks like The Foreigner and Final Score. Having recently wrapped work on Black Adam, his superhero movie debut, Brosnan is jumping back onto that familiar stomping ground. This time around though, the action will be melded with laughs in a Netflix movie that costars Pitch Perfect’s Adam DeVine.

These two have been recruited for The Out-Laws, an action-comedy that sees Adam DeVine playing Owen Browning, a “straight-laced” bank manager who’s about to marry Parker, the “love of his live.” However, when Owen’s bank is held up by a group of robbers known as the Ghost Bandits on the week of his wedding, Owen soon suspects that his in-laws, who have just arrived in town, make up this gang of “Out-Laws.” While there’s no mention of Pierce Brosnan’s role, it’s easy enough to imagine him playing Owen’s father-in-law/the leader of the Bandits.

Along with reporting that Pierce Brosnan and Adam DeVine’s will star in The Out-Laws (with the latter also producing with Happy Madison Productions), Deadline mentioned that The Wrong Missy’s Tyler Spindel will direct the Netflix feature off a script written by Evan Turner and Ben Zazove. Isaac Horne is also attached to executive prodce. There’s no word yet on when The Out-Laws will begin filming, but as far as Brosnan is concerned, this sounds like it’ll be his next project.

Pierce Brosnan is certainly no stranger to lighthearted cinematic fare, with such examples on his resume including the Mamma Mia movies, The World’s End and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. So it’ll be interesting to see how well Brosnan does in this mixing of genres. As for Adam DeVine, along with playing Bumper Allen in the first two Pitch Perfect movies, his notable credits include The Intern, Game Over, Man!, Isn’t It Romantic, Workaholics, Modern Family and The Righteous Gemstones.

The Out-Laws will be Adam DeVine’s first movie since 2020’s Magic Camp (which he filmed in 2017), but we’ll be more of Pierce Brosnan before this Netflix release. 2021 has already seen him star in The Misfits and False Positive, and he’ll next appear as King Rowan in Amazon’s Cinderella movie. Then summer 2022 will bring Black Adam, the Dwayne Johnson-led DC Comics movie where Brosnan plays Doctor Fate, a powerful sorcerer who’s part of the Justice Society with Hawkman, Atom Smasher and Cyclone.

While we wait for more news about The Out-Laws, including who will join Pierce Brosnan and Adam DeVine in the cast and when production will begin, browse through our July 2021 Netflix guide to learn what’s been released on the streaming service so far this month and what’s still to come. Those of you curious about what’s playing in theaters later this year should look through the 2021 release schedule.

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