Matt Damon Opens Up About Thor: Love And Thunder Cameo, And Sign Me Up

Matt Damo as Actor Loki spouting out lines in Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor: Love and Thunder’s cast is still shrouded in mystery, per usual for Marvel protocol. The main cast is returning with the Guardians of the Galaxy popping up at some point. But there have been rumblings of other MCU and non-MCU stars making cameos in the sequel. One cameo Marvel fans have been buzzing about is Matt Damon possibly coming back as Actor Loki. It’s just been pure speculation until now. Breaking away from tradition, Damon opened up about his cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The Oscar winner spilled the beans while being interviewed on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show. Matt Damon’s cameo in Thor: Ragnarok was a huge surprise for many Marvel fans. But it just highlighted the already madcap experience on the Thor sequel. So Damon confirming his return for Thor: Love and Thunder seemingly amped up the anticipation. The actor said about returning for the sequel:

I don't know if it's secret or not though everybody knows. I went down there to shoot. I think they sussed out because paparazzi took pictures of us so that they sussed out what we were doing. We were kind of reprising a cameo that we, that Luke Hemsworth and I did in the last one. And we had a ball and so Taika [Waititi] had us back again, to kind of run that joke back and upgrade it a little bit.

Knowing that Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth will pop up as Actor Loki and Thor respectively may signal the comedy is being taken up a notch. Damon saying the joke is being “upgrade” means a lot. Hopefully, he and Hemsworth will be incorporated more into the storyline in some way. This also hints at the multiverse angle Phase Four is taking. But Damon’s word on his cameo only proved Marvel fans’ theories correct.

Unfortunately, Matt Damon’s surprise cameo was spoiled much earlier. First, there was a series of aerial images showcasing an outdoor amphitheater, alluding to the Asgardian actors returning for Thor: Love and Thunder. Of course, those snapshots with Chris Hemsworth in Sydney didn’t help qualm the chatter. Everything pointed toward the return of Actor Loki in some capacity even before Damon confirmed the information.

But there’s only one opinion that matters – the original Loki Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston seemed to be supportive of Matt Damon’s return to the MCU. But that may have been hiding a brewing “rivalry” as the Loki star throw some funny jabs on Jimmy Kimmel. He even took it as far as popping up as a Jason Bourne variant in the next Bourne film.

But Matt Damon’s Thor: Love and Thunder cameo is just one of many projects he has in the pipeline. Hopefully, his cameo will be worth the wait just like last time. Fans will have to wait until the sequel arrives in theaters on May 6, 2022. If you want to see if Damon’s memorable but small cameo, you can stream Thor: Ragnarok on Disney+.

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