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Chris Hemsworth Thanks His Marvel Co-Stars And Fans After Getting Love From Chris Pratt, Jeremy Renner And More On His Birthday

Yesterday Chris Hemsworth celebrated his 38th birthday and as happens with all of us these days on social media, he was flooded with birthday wishes from friends, co-workers, and in his case, his millions of fans. Much of the love came from his fellow Marvel stars like Mark Ruffalo, but the actor also received some additional birthday wishes from Star-Lord and Hawkeye, though Hemsworth wasn't able to respond to all the support until late in the day, apparently because he was in a sugar coma.

Chris Hemsworth thanked everybody for the birthday wishes by showing off how he spent his birthday, which was apparently just a quiet day with the family. Hemsworth's three kids even made him a birthday cake, which according to the actor he just went to town on and devoured. Check it out in the images below.

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While I'm not sure the judges on the Great British Baking Show would give it high marks, that doesn't make it look any less delicious, and from the sound of it, it was. It's unclear if Chris Hemsworth ate 3/4 of the cake himself or if that was the work his entire family did on the cake. I mean, if it was a cheat day it was probably ok, but the guy needs to stay in shape to play Hulk Hogan fairly soon I think. The cake shows a small frosting man, who I would assume is supposed to be Chris Hemsworth, surfing. The actor is an avid surfer and making a little frosting hammer may have proven too difficult for the kids.

The birthday wishes have not stopped pouring in, however. Chris Pratt, who will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, if only briefly, wished his Aussie co-star a happy birthday, with a Crocodile Dundee joke, that's perhaps a more fitting tribute than people remember.

Chris Hemsworth's fellow Avenger Jeremy Renner also wished his friend a happy birthday, with a picture of the two playing games together, and Hemsworth looking like he's really not having a great time for some reason. Maybe Renner was winning.

It's really cool to see so many from within the MCU wishing Chris Hemsworth a happy birthday. Especially pictures like the one from Jeremy Renner, which shows the two having fun together outside of the movie set. They don't need to hang out together, but they do, so there's a real friendship there. It may not be necessary to make the MCU work, but it certainly doesn't hurt and it likely makes the experience for everybody involved better.

It sounds like Chris Hemsworth had a great birthday and hopefully the celebration will continue as he finishes off the last 25% of that cake.

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