New Look At Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In Spencer Is Super Emotional

There are a number of prestigious roles that can be offered to an actor and, in recent years, the role of Diana, Princess of Wales is one that has come with extreme honor. We’ve seen a few stars portray the late, beloved royal, and the most recent performer to take on the role will be none other than Kristen Stewart. The star is set to play her in Spencer, which will arrive later this year. We’ve seen a few glimpses of her in the role so far, but this latest look is super emotional.

Neon, the production company behind Spencer, has revealed a new poster for the upcoming film. Ironically, viewers aren’t able to see the face of Kristen Stewart’s Diana, yet the sight of her crying into her dress is arguably more powerful. Check out the poster recently shared by the studio down below:

Spencer Teaser Poster

The sight of Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana weeping is sure to be visceral for those who knew her best and members of the public who are aware of her tragic story. While this Spencer story is pretty straightforward, it indicates that director Pablo Larraín isn’t straying from the struggles the royal faced during her time on this planet.

Set in 1991, Spencer follows the titular royal and philanthropist during the Christmas holidays, during which she decides to end her marriage to Prince Charles. It’s no surprise that Pablo Larraín is willing to tackle such a delicate period in the life of a historical figure. He previously helmed the critically acclaimed Jackie, which follows former first lady Jackie Kennedy (played perfectly by Natalie Portman) following the assassination of her husband.

Natalie Portman really committed to the role of Jackie Kennedy, truly transforming herself in the process. And it would seem as though Kristen Stewart has done the same when it comes to playing Princess Di. So far, her transformation, which includes a massive ring, has been interesting to see.

Though Kristen Stewart may seem like a fit for the role, that didn’t make things any easier for her. She’s previously opened up about how “intimidating” it was to play such a well-known person, and she found the accent to be particularly tricky to master. But ultimately, she was able to overcome any trepidation she had and play out what she refers to as the “heaviest three days’ time” in Diana’s life.

Kristen Stewart’s work on the film may be done, but it sounds like she had a hard time letting go of the character, which seems to indicate that she felt a strong connection to Diana. Hopefully, this will be present in Stewart’s performance when we can finally feast our eyes on this film.

Spencer is set to be released in theaters on November 5.

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