Check Out Kristen Stewart's Huge Honking Engagement Ring As Princess Diana Spencer

Kristen Stewart as Diana Spencer

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales is an iconic and tragic figure that has continued to capture the attention of the world decades after her death. Diana's story has been adapted a number of times throughout the years, including Netflix's award-winning drama The Crown. Princess Di will be getting a new biopic in the form of Pablo Larraín's Spencer, starring Twilight alum Kristen Stewart. And the latest look at K-Stew's take on Diana reveals her iconic hulking engagement ring, as well as an iconic outfit.

Given Kristen Stewart's ultra chic and edgy persona, some moviegoers were surprised what she'd be playing Princess Diana in Spencer. But then the first stills arrived, with Stewart being basically unrecognizable and easily transforming into the character. Now we have another glimpse at her take on the late Princess of Wales, check it out below.

Kristen Stewart's new look at Diana

I sure hope that Kristen Stewart doesn't fall into a body of water while filming Spencer. Because that rock is so massive that she might end up sinking right down. It's a great recreation of Princess Diana's iconic ring, as well as a blazer from the history books.

The above image from Spencer was released by Neon Studios, which is behind production on the highly anticipated drama. Directed by Jackie filmmaker Pablo Larraín, Spencer will take place during Christmas of 1991, when Diana ends her marriage with Prince Charles. It should be a fascinating deep dive into a pinnacle point in the late Princes' life.

Those naysayers who were nervous about Kristen Stewart's casting need only look at the above image to see how much potential the Charlie's Angels actress has in the role. For her part, Stewart was doing a ton of work to internalize this pivotal character, while also trying to perfect Diana's very particular accent. We'll just have to wait for some footage to judge that latter aspect of Spencer.

Princess Diana's iconic engagement ring is on full display here, which shows Spencer's attention to detail. The costuming is similarly specific, as it's a recreation of a Catherine Walker suit the late royal wore while visiting France in 1988. Smart money says it won't be the only look that turns heads in the upcoming movie.

The cast of Spencer features more familiar faces, although not all of the roles have been revealed yet. English actor Jack Farthing will play Charles, Prince of Wales, and the ensemble is filled out by the likes of Harry Potter's Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water), and Sean Harris (Mission: Impossible – Fallout). Unfortunately not much is known about how they'll all factor into the story.

Spencer doesn't currently have a release date, but all eyes on on what Kristen Stewart will bring to the title role. In the meantime, check out our 2021 release list to plan your next movie experience.

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