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One of the things about people spending more time at home alone or at least spending more time in spaces that don’t feature a slew of people is that fashion has changed. Work outfits were replaced by workout outfits, leisurewear, and yes, plenty of days without pants. Now, it seems Age of Adeline star and Free Guy contributor Blake Lively has become the latest celebrity to jump on the trend as she went pants-free for a birthday-oriented photo shoot.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the star shared a look at a pretty dreamy handbag she nabbed as part of her birthday festivities. She seems like a person who has a birthday week and not a birthday day, as she's been sharing some birthday-related stuff across the last few days, although her actual birthday is August 25. Anyway, the bag-related post was her latest birthday-oriented share, but I bet ya aren't actually looking at the bag...

Pants free Blake Lively for her birthday

Blake Lively seems to be a big fan of her birthday -- who isn't? -- as she also shared separate posts celebrating in a dreamy and romantic green dress from Teuta Matoshi that I now covet. The bag was just the icing on the cake, but it seems as if she took the photo in a bit of a hurry on a day that pants were optional. She's not the first celebrity to go pants-free over the last year, and I doubt she'll be the last.

In general, the pants-free thing started out as kind of a joke. There were stories rolling around online when some companies went remote about people putting on work shirts and going pants-free for video meetings. It got to the point where a Snickers ad and even celebrities including Tom Holland got into the idea, with the latter famously doing an interview pants-free. The White Lotus actress Alexandra Daddario joked about why we ever wore pants in the first place. Then it sort of became a lifestyle, as Halle Berry and others embraced that pants-free life.

This isn't the first time Blake Lively has brought up comfort wear during the pandemic, either. Although she's dressed to kill in Michael Kors gear, in a recent Instagram post she also talked about it taking a lot to get her "outta pajamas." In addition when Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds' recent movie Free Guy released, she also threw on a bikini in humorous support of her partner's latest work. To note, she's an actress known for incredible high-end fashion sense, too, but it's refreshing that she can also be chill and sometimes even funny with her fashion choices.

Blake Lively bikini in support of Free Guy 2021

Honestly, I’m here for being as comfortable as possible no matter what you are wearing. I’m sure many a Zoom meeting and lounge around the house over the last 18 months has been pants-free. If this is one of the things that sticks post pandemic, I certainly won’t be mad about it. But what do you think? Pants-free the way to be or hard pass?

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