Ana De Armas Talks Wanting To Seem Like She Knew What She Was Doing In Intense No Time To Die Fight Scenes

Ana de Armas aiming her guns very angrily in No Time To Die.

Ana de Armas’ Paloma is one of the new characters we’ll be introduced to in No Time To Die, and she’s absolutely intriguing. What's equally exciting is the fact that de Armas gets to do some impressive-looking action scenes, as seen in the various pieces of footage shown from the film. It’s all a result of the Knives Out star’s work ethic, as Ana de Armas was focused on looking like an expert ass-kicker in the James Bond universe.

Since we’re in the run-up to No Time To Die’s big theatrical release, an official featurette was released by the team behind the official James Bond media machine. The video, entitled “New Agents,” shows us Ana de Armas’ Paloma and Lashana Lynch’s Nomi in action and ready to put Daniel Craig’s James Bond in place. It’s here that de Armas expressed gratitude for the team that helped her achieve her end goals, which she expressed as follows:

I had many action scenes. Thank God I had an amazing stunt team. … I really wanted to get it right and look like I knew what I was doing.

Though her fight training experience on No Time To Die was on a bit of an accelerated course, Ana de Armas was still ready to tackle the film’s demanding action. While No Time To Die may have had de Armas on a shorter than expected prep schedule, her stunt work in the film looks absolutely stunning. Knowing how prepared she became for her role in Netflix’s The Grey Man, it looks like that experience provided a perfect foundation for the future.

Should Paloma ever be tapped for a spinoff, Ms. de Armas will more than likely be ready to keep her James Bond character fighting in the name of world security in a heartbeat. But the same could be said for Lashana Lynch's Nomi, who has inherited the mantle of the 007 call number in No Time To Die. In brief snippets shown throughout this featurette, we see both de Armas, as well as Lynch, going through the rigors that helped make them into action stars. You can take a look at that footage, as well as hear director Cary Joji Fukunaga discuss No Time To Die’s new female agents, below:

It may be the film that celebrates Daniel Craig’s time as 007, and the dramatic conclusion it entails, but No Time To Die isn’t shrugging off the chance to do things a bit differently. Closing the book on the story that started with Casino Royale, the 25th James Bond movie will introduce characters like Paloma and Nomi, who represent another step in how the series has evolved its female protagonists. The results, so far, look fantastic, but we won’t have to wait long to get the full picture.

No Time To Die will finally show the world how Daniel Craig’s James Bond era ends when it opens on September 28 in the UK and October 8 in the US. If you’re already prepared to get into the theater for this experience, you should probably check out the 2021 release schedule and plan out your further adventures at the movies. Meanwhile, Ana de Armas fans may want to head over to the 2022 release schedule to see where films like Deep Water currently sit in the release order.

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