Bond Girl Ana De Armas Reveals How She Gets Through Night Shoots On Upcoming Movies

Ana de Armas' Paloma in No Time to Die

Being an actor requires you to be flexible and work anywhere at any time. Shooting at various times and locations just comes with the territory, especially with rising Hollywood stars. No Time to Die’s Ana De Armas knows that firsthand. Lately, the actress has been shifting into doing more action films, and night shoots have been the norm. De Armas revealed how she got through these kinds of shoots for her latest film projects.

2019's Knives Out helped catapult Ana De Armas into the A-list scene. With this new status, de Armas has taken part in big-budget films such as Deep Water and The Gray Man. So night shoots are nothing unusual for her at this point, but she did try different methods to cope with her messed-up sleep schedule. The No Time to Die star told Marie Claire about her remedy for day sleeping:

Sometimes I have night shoots, so I have to change my whole schedule and sleep during the day. It's really hard to unplug and just go to bed—sometimes I just can't because my head is spinning. I've been using this app I really like called Waking Up to help with that. It's really helped me to breathe and relax and just get into that zone I need to be in to rest a lot.

In an era where self-care and mental health are important, Ana de Armas sharing this tidbit was helpful. Her tip seemed to come from years of dealing with bizarre shooting schedules and interrupted sleep patterns. She learned an excellent way to cope with her sleep issues and wanted to help others coping with the same issue. At the same time, it was a great move for de Armas to shout out the actual app. Given her Hollywood status, Waking Up could experience an uptick in recognition from the public. So being open about her winding-down problems made her even more relatable.

In recent months, Ana de Armas has given more hints into her film preparation. She revealed how she trains for action movies like No Time to Die and The Gray Man. But de Armas did more than just talk about it as she showed off her gun training. The actress even chopped her locks for her most recent role. Overall, the Deep Water star seems committed to putting forth the best performance by any means necessary.

Of course, committing to film night shoots is just par for the course. Having the proper methods to give the best performance possible is honestly working for Ana de Armas. The number of future projects she has lined up is just a testament to that. Moviegoers won’t have to wait much longer to see de Armas in action, as No Time to Die will be released in theaters on October 8.

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