Jessica Chastain Addresses That Red Carpet Moment With Oscar Isaac That Sparked Romance Rumors

Jessica Chastain in Scenes from a Marriage

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Having potent chemistry between co-stars has always been important in selling a story to viewers. Sometimes onscreen chemistry has even tricked the viewers into thinking the actors are involved in real life. That ended up happening to Scenes of a Marriage co-stars Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. Of course, this misunderstanding didn’t come from their limited series, but an awkward red carpet moment. After the co-stars got swept up in romance rumors, Chastain finally decided to address the viral moment.

Romance speculation was sparked at the Venice Film Festival premiere of Scenes from a Marriage. While attending the premiere, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac were playfully touching each other for the cameras. In a scene reminiscent of Gomez and Morticia Addams, Isaac went to kiss Chastain’s elbow, but ended up kissing her armpit. The red carpet moment happened as Chastain was trying to place her arm around her co-star. The two ended up embracing each other moments later, but the armpit kiss took over social media.

As the moment went viral, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac took everything in stride. They even traded images and memes over social media, but that rapport could only happen due to the co-stars’ decades-long friendship. The Eyes of Tammy Faye star told Entertainment Tonight about sharing the viral moment with her close friend:

We've been friends for over 20 years. He's like a jokester, and I adore him. I think because he's a man and I'm a woman it became this huge thing. But I want to put it out there, I have to put it out there, I have amazing chemistry with Anne Hathaway as well.

It was nice to know that awkward moment came from a playful place. Of course, the moment became misconstrued as the video was taken out of context. If Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac weren’t close, the moment could’ve tested their friendship. At least Chastain was able to highlight her chemistry with her Interstellar co-star Anne Hathaway as well. The viral kiss might put more eyes on their miniseries.

Oscar Isaac in Scenes from a Marriage

Of course, to put things in perspective, Oscar Isaac has been married to his film director wife, Elvira Lind, since 2017. Jessica Chastain has been married to her husband since 2017 as well. Both couples have two children apiece. So if the romance had been true, it would’ve made for a messy situation for both couples. Thankfully, the co-stars’ chemistry came from their rapport and mutual respect.

When it comes to Scenes from a Marriage, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac play a couple who deal with the difficulties of a long relationship. Of course, that chemistry was reflected in the red carpet viral moment. With that said, viewers can catch the co-stars’ palpable intimacy as the HBO miniseries airs every Sunday at 9 pm. If you want to catch new episodes on HBO Max, use this link to subscribe to the streaming service. Hopefully, the two stars will find some time in their busy schedules to do another project together.

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