Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Doing Something Very Special For Hamilton's Return To Broadway

Alexander Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda) lays out his plan for the U.S. Constitution during the Hamilton song 'Non-Stop'

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the lights went out on Broadway for more than a year. It was hard for everyone who loves theater so, when New York City’s theater district began to make plans to reopen, it was especially exciting. For Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of one of Broadway’s most successful shows ever, Hamilton, it was also an opportunity to do something extra special -- give back to the community he loves and the fans who have been waiting (and waiting… and waiting…) for it.

Every active Broadway show was put on hiatus on March 12, 2020. So when Hamilton was performed at the Richard Rogers Theater on September 14, 2021, it had been more than 18 months. In that time, a lot has happened for Hamilton and Lin-Manuel Miranda -- the cinematic adaptation of his first Broadway musical, In The Heights, premiered in June 2021. Additionally, the professional recording of the original Broadway cast hit Disney+, ushering in a new wave of fans and popularity.

Still, it’s clear Lin-Manuel Miranda is as excited as anyone for Hamilton to get back to its roots and be performed in front of a live audience. In fact, he teamed up with Prizeo to create a contest that gives Hamilton fans all over the world a chance to see the musical anywhere in the world.

To enter the sweepstakes, fans can donate as little as $5. The proceeds go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, a nonprofit organization that helps people with HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 or other illnesses get the care they need. Each week for eight weeks, prize winners will be drawn.

They can choose to see Hamilton on Broadway or to see a touring cast at one of more than two cities around the United States, or even London, Australia, Canada or Germany. Contest winners have their travel and tickets paid for. That’s a pretty good deal, considering how difficult it can be to get tickets for any Broadway show, let alone Hamilton.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and his dad, Luis, also had a You’ll Be Back sweepstakes, which gave one grand prize winner, Adam Jesin, the chance to accompany them to the reopening of Hamilton on Broadway. He was understandably very excited for the opportunity:

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Hamilton has obviously become an international phenomenon that catapulted Lin-Manuel Miranda to a level of fame most Broadway creators never see. Over the last few years, he’s been especially busy juggling numerous projects, as an actor in His Dark Materials and as a songwriter for films like Moana and the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Given how chaotic his professional life must be, his participation in this fundraising giveaway makes it especially meaningful that he is still so invested in Hamilton and its global fanbase.

Katherine Webb