Watch Jason Momoa Shout Out His Game Of Thrones Co-Star Emilia Clarke Ahead Of Filming Big Dune Fight Scene

Jason Momoa fighting in Dune.

Dune is almost here and shows every indication of an epic sci-fi experience that visually looks unlike anything that’s come before it. Dune star Jason Momoa has seen the film three times and loved it every viewing, even bringing his kids to see the movie. Momoa is an expert in epic stories about royalty and dynastic struggles thanks to his experience as Khal Drogo on Game Of Thrones, so jumping into Dune must have been familiar despite the sci-fi differences. Watch Jason Momoa Shout his Game of Thrones co-star Emilia Clarke ahead of filming a big Dune fight scene.

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke had quite the journey in the first season of Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarkes Daenerys Tarygerean and Momoa’s Khal Drogo fell in love, ultimately having their relationship end in a tragic and heartbreaking turn of events would shape Daenerys journey and the show going forward. Momoa has posted a behind the scenes look at Dune on his youtube channel, and the highlight is definitely his shout out to his Khaleesi before filming a big fight, saying:

I just saw the season finale of Game of Thrones last night. This fight is for you, Khaleesi

The behind-the-scenes video shows how Jason Momoa prepared for his role and how he went through the fight choreography, and before the big scene, he sent a shout-out to Emilia Clarke. Jason Momoa finished filming Dune long ago, long enough to shout out the Game of Thrones finale during production. Momoa only spent a season on the show but left his mark on the series playing such a favorite fan character despite his tragic end. Jason Momoa might have been confirming that he is firmly on the side of his queen after the events of the finale.

Jason Momoa plays Duncan Idaho, a great warrior and swordmaster that serves house Atreides, which is the family-run by Oscar Isaac’s Leto Atreides. Jason Momoa playing a formidable warrior that’s good with swords is pretty on brand, and hopefully, there is plenty of sequences in the film where he can show off his chops.

Dune Star Oscar Isaac has compared Dune to Star Wars and decided which one was the best as a joke, presumably to not upset fans on either side. Dune is an incredible cinematic experience, and it will hopefully get a part two. Stars like Javier Bardem are heavily invested in the story and want to continue Dennis Villeneuve’s vision, and all signs are pointing to that happening.

Jason Momoa has a stacked list of upcoming projects, including Aquaman 2, which just revealed a new suit for Momoa’s Arthur Curry, which is super cool. We can’t wait to see Jason Momoa in action as Duncan Idaho in Dune and his big fight scene dedicated to his Khaleesi.

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