Angelina Jolie Spotted Out With The Weeknd Again, And The Rumor Mill Has More Spark Than Tom Cruise And Hayley Atwell

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent and The Weeknd in Blinding Lights

Most of the talk surrounding Angelina Jolie in recent months has either had to do with her ongoing divorce from her ex Brad Pitt or had to do with her upcoming Marvel Phase Four release The Eternals. Now, however, she’s been seen out to dinner with popular crooner The Weeknd not once, but twice. You know what that means: tongues are wagging. It's not the first time this has happened to some major celebrities in recent months, either (See: Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell).

This week, Angelina Jolie was seen out (in notable black pumps and a Saint Laurent bag to boot) in Los Angeles meeting with The Weeknd for dinner. Jolie reportedly arrived at the LA-based Giorgio Baldi alone and met the singer in a private area of the restaurant for a two and a half hour meal. According to the Daily Mail, following the meal, the two kept hanging out, and were seen leaving together.

She reportedly left the restaurant with the 31-year-old singer, joining him in his SUV and heading back to his place in Bel Air. This wasn’t the first time the two had spent time together, either. They’d actually gone to the same restaurant together back on June 30th of this year, marking the other time the two were publicly seen together, though that time the two left separately.

Of course, fans love a good mystery. Any time two major celebrities are seen looking cozy together, it's also not rare to see romance rumors get sparked. Just look at the whole Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise headlines of late after they looked cozy on the set of Mission: Impossible 7, were said to be dating and now have allegedly broken up, all before ever confirming they were together. That whole story has been pretty much a whirlwind, and this one has even more intrigue to it.

Real romances are sometimes sparked and confirmed later, after all, as happened when Tom Holland and Zendaya were caught making out in a car or Keanu Reeves walked with his girlfriend Alexandra Grant on the red carpet years -- and I mean years -- after they started dating.

So, you know, the Daily Mail calls this second meal a meal that is “continuing to spark romance rumors," and it's certainly true that the mystery of why they are meeting has sparked curiosity from their fans who are already talking about it on Twitter and elsewhere.

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I can see why people are interested, given it is hard to tell what the connection might be between the two. Plus, the age gap between Angelina Jolie (46) and The Weeknd (31) also adds to the curiosity factor, here. It should be noted Jolie is also involved in a lot of causes and the two could be collaborating on a project of either the philanthropic or acting variety, they could be pals, or if there could certainly still be more going on.

To just add to this, The Weeknd has been very open about wanting to broaden his career after playing the Super Bowl halftime show mid-Covid. He had already appeared in the buzzy Uncut Gems movie from the Safdie brothers at that point. He currently also has a project he’s set to write and star in where he will collaborate with the creator of the Zendaya starrer Euphoria over at HBO. This won’t even be his first writing gig, as he actually once wrote an episode of American Dad.

Angelina Jolie has her own production company, so it’s definitely possible the meet-ups could be career related, of course. Still, Jolie has also been seen by the public as single for a while now (in fact since her high-profile split from Brad Pitt, though it's been alleged she's gone on some dates). She’s spent the time since focusing on family and philanthropic work, as well as acting a fair amount. Maybe it's time for romance to take precedence?

As for The Weeknd? The singer was previously tied to Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. He and Hadid broke up for the second time back in 2019. We’ll keep you updated if the two frequent the restaurant a third time or if this particular mystery is ever fully resolved.

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