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We don't have guests on the ReelBlend podcast that often. And any time that we do invite a colleague to join us, it's because they're also a friend who loves movies and Hollywood as much as Sean O'Connell, Kevin McCarthy and Jake Hamilton do. It takes a special voice to keep our movie-junkie conversation flowing on a weekly basis, which is why we were thrilled to finally have longtime friend and all-around ace reporter Ash Crossan of Entertainment Tonight on the pod!

The timing was perfect. Sean and Ash were just in San Diego together covering Comic-Con 2018, so ReelBlend used the opportunity to discuss some of the events that happened last week. Ash tells a funny story about interviewing Kevin Smith, and how she found a way to go off topic and get the Clerks director to talk Degrassi. We know he's a huge fan.

The group also discussed all of the trailers that dropped during Comic-Con, and the odd practice of catching up on trailers after they drop, because you are too busy doing interviews to actually go INTO a panel at Comic-Con. What do you mean, COVER a panel at SDCC? We're too bust sitting in interview suites, and recording fun videos like this one:

The News Segment this week spent some time on the Joker movie casting, with the revelation that Robert De Niro and Frances Conroy might join Joaquin Phoenix in the origin story. With Ready Player One out on Blu-ray, Kevin shares a story about watching Spielberg's movie while on a cruise ship. And because Ash is with us, we had to get her quick takes on Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Last Jedi.

Oh yeah, there's a bet on the line for who can guess the closest Mission: Impossible -- Fallout opening weekend number. Producer Gabe has to pay the winner $100, a cake, a bottle of wine, and a Whole Foods gift card. Yeah, we spent a lot of time talking about Whole Foods this week. It was strange.

Bruce Willis in GLASS

Finally, the #Blend game this week was for Sir Ridley Scott, and wouldn't you know it, we ALL picked the same film. Next week's will be a real challenge, as we debate the BEST of Philip Seymour Hoffman by playing #HoffmanBlend. Good luck with that one...

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