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Pop singer Pink became a mommy in June of 2011 and spent the months afterward doing intense workouts and cultivating a strict diet to get back into shape. The work paid off and now the 33-year-old star is giving European fans, Australian fans, and US fans performances full of acrobatics during her “Truth About Love” tour.

Pink’s shows have always been known for having theatrical aspects, but the "Truth About Love" tour takes even more strength and discipline. According to People, after the singer saw a Cher show incorporating trapeze moves, Pink wanted to try similar stuff during her own touring. Not only did she need to lose 55 pounds post-pregnancy, she also had to figure how get her abs strong enough to be able to sing while doing complicated moves that could mess with her ability to multitask. Granted, the singer has been doing aerial moves since 2006, but they are even more complicated this time around.

Weight loss can be tough, but Pink got into such great shape that she’s set to wear belly shirts onstage, again. That’s a tough thing to do, and a commendable one. It takes a lot of work, though. Pink’s trainer, Dreya Weber, says she does power yoga, as well as jogs, takes kickboxing, and does bootcamp. No pain, no gain, right.

Pink’s next tour date is April 12 in Dublin, Ireland and will also head throughout the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and several other locales before returning to the US on October 10. The singer’s first big US gig will be played on October 10.

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