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Kim Kardashian is finally ready to step out into the public after she was robbed at gunpoint over three weeks ago. Well, not so much step out as hang out backstage at her husband's concert, but hey, that's still some great progress! The reality star was spotted out for the first time since the robbery, surrounded by security guards behind the stage at Kanye West's Los Angeles concert on Tuesday night.

Kim Kardashian kept a low profile and stayed backstage for the show, but a few snaps caught her at the event, E! News reports. This marks Kardashian's first outing caught on camera since her Paris robbery a little over three weeks ago. Since the traumatic event, Kardashian has remained uncharacteristically absent from all public events and even her social media accounts. Though production had halted for her long-running reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians after the robbery on Monday, October 3, it has reportedly resumed.

Though Kim Kardashian was able to make it to her husband's local show, she apparently has no plans to show up at any of the other stops on his Saint Pablo tour, which continues through the end of the year. She also says that she has no idea when she will return to her usually active social media accounts and personal app. Kardashian recently dropped the lawsuit she filed against the celebrity gossip site Media Take Out after its founder issued an apology for publishing several speculative reports that she had faked the robbery for publicity and financial gain.

By all accounts, Kim Kardashian has been incredibly shaken by the armed robbery, and taken considerable steps to increase her security team. According to sources at Kanye West's Tuesday concert, there was a lot of security throughout the venue, and Kardashian has reportedly hired former members of the Secret Service to help guard her and is in the process of armoring her car.

Last week, Kim Kardashian quietly celebrated her 36th birthday without any reports of her leaving her house, though all of her family members and husband Kanye West shared their love and well-wishes for her online.

In regards to the robbery, the concierge at the hotel that Kim Kardashian was staying reportedly came forward to reveal that the hotel may be to blame for the event due to its incredibly lax security measures. According to the man, the hotel has not changed its entrance passcode in years, and doesn't have a working security camera. The concierge was held at gunpoint early in the morning on October 3 and forced to lead two of the five robbers to Kardashian's room, where they tied her up and stole an estimated $5.6 million in jewelry.

Thankfully, it appears as though Kim is slowly but surely regaining her footing following the incident. We hope to see more of you soon!

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