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Kanye West

People are speculating about what caused Kanye West's recent nervous breakdown, which has resulted in his hospitalization last week. Apparently, the source of the rapper's pain is something that he's been struggling to come to terms with for years now.

Reportedly, the main trigger behind Kanye West's nervous breakdown was the anniversary of his mother's death, TMZ reports. Sources close to the rapper say that November has been a difficult month for West in the years following his mother Donda West's death. Donda West had died of cardiac disease incurred due to complications from surgery on November 10, 2007. The nine-year anniversary of her funeral was on November 20 of this year, which was the date which West began cancelling dates on his tour, a couple days ahead of being taken to the hospital under psychiatric hold after reportedly getting aggressive with one of his staffers and exhibiting symptoms of a temporary psychosis.

Sources say that Kanye West was never able to truly come to terms with and effectively grieve his mother's death, and that he finally reached an emotional breaking point this year due to the whirlwind of other negative factors that all hit him at the same time. West's physician reported that his psychosis was brought on by exhaustion and dehydration, both of which were in turn caused by his demanding tour, business, and personal schedules. Even more stress came into his life last month when he learned that his wife Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed of over $5 million in personal possessions while in Paris. Since the traumatic incident, Kardashian has remained out of the public eye and off social media, remaining at home instead of joining her husband for his tour dates. Apparently, Kardashian's absence from the tour has been an additional strain on West, as sources say that she has always been the best person at helping him deal with any emotional issues that arise.

It sounds like all of these forces came together to push Kanye West over the edge at the beginning of last week. After going on a particularly lengthy rant in which he blasted Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Hillary Clinton at his final concert last Saturday, West abruptly cancelled the remaining 21 tour dates that he had scheduled and a couple days later, he was checked into UCLA hospital after his personal physician reported that he was undergoing a temporary psychosis. Apparently, doctors at the hospital were planning to release West this past Monday, which would have been a week of hospitalization, but that didn't wind up happening. At least he's got great company --- Kim Kardashian is spending all of her free time taking care of her husband while he's in the hospital.

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If his mother's death in November really is the underlying cause of all of Kanye West's recent struggles, then let's hope the start of December can bring him some peace.