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Kim Kardashian may have been in the presence of at least one of her Paris robbers days before the night that they held her at gunpoint. The reality star's driver during her trip to Paris three months back has been arrested as a suspect in her robbery case.

On Monday, the Paris police department arrested 17 people as suspects in Kim Kardashian's high-profile robbery at gunpoint, and now CNN is reporting that one of those detained is Kardashian's chauffeur, who drove her around Paris for fashion week in late September and early October. If Kardashian's driver indeed was in cahoots with her robbers, it would support the police department's current theory that a large ring of thieves worked together to perpetrate the crime.

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As we reported earlier, the 17 men and women being held for questioning skew older in age, which is leading the cops to suspect an experienced group of robbers. Adding to that theory is none other than Naomi Campbell, who recently revealed that she was also attacked and nearly robbed on a trip to Paris back in 2012, and asserted that there is indeed a ring of trained burglars in Paris that is known to target celebrity visitors. In Campbell's story, her driver turned out to be working with her assailants.

The Paris police are legally able to hold and question the detained suspects until Thursday, at which time they will either have to charge or release the 17 people. Kim Kardashian is reportedly aiding in the investigation by watching surveillance tapes from the night of the robbery to help identify her robbers. E! News caught up with the reality star stepping out for a sushi dinner with her husband Kanye West the night of the arrest, and she told reporters that she felt relieved after hearing about the arrest. Kardashian's Paris attorney Jean Veil echoed his client's sentiments in an interview with the French magazine L'Express, and also added that he hoped it would shut up the online trolls who accused Kardashian of faking the robbery.

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On the one hand, it will perhaps mean the jewels will be recovered and on the other hand it puts an end to disgraceful speculation by some people, who thought it clever to pretend this robbery was a set-up or a publicity stunt by Madame Kardashian.

Though Kim Kardashian and her family have remained relatively silent on the subject of the traumatic robbery since it occurred at the beginning of October, a newly released promo for their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians promises that it will be focused on when the series returns in March. Hopefully by then, those responsible for the robbery will all be behind bars.

UPDATE: TMZ reported on Tuesday that the limo driver was released by police with no criminal charges.

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