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Nicki Minaj went all out for a hot look while at Fashion Week in Paris. Well, maybe not all out. More like partially out, as the musician sported a black top that exposed her left breast, which was covered by a strategically placed pastie. Check it out in the photo below...

Nicki Minaj posted numerous photos of herself in the eye-catching outfit...

She also included credit where credit is due to the various labels responsible for her chic look:

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Top: Mugler
Shorts: Givenchy
Shoes: Alexandre Vauthier
Pasties: Agent Provocateur
Rings: Pristine
Shades: Veronique Leroy

Luxury Lingerie seller Agent Provocateur is to credit for the pasties. It looks like she's sporting the Adora Pasties Silver, which retail for $115. Wonder if they allowed her to only purchase one of them. I imagine they only come in a set.

If Nicki Minaj's partially-bare-breasted look seems familiar, you may be flashing back to the outfit Lil' Kim memorably wore to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards...

The obvious conclusion to jump to is that Nicki Minaj is paying tribute to Lil Kim, especially when we take into account those purple Veronique Leroy shades, which look like they'd match Lil Kim's outfit perfectly. That said, Nicki Minaj's inspiration may be coming from an artist that goes a bit further back than 1999. She shared this instagram photo of a Picasso painting that does seem to bear some similarity to her outfit in one specific way...

#RP @carolinedemaigret ???? #Picasso 1907 #NickiInPARIS

A post shared by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

So it seems Nicki Minaj may have been paying tribute to Pablo Picasso's Woman with a Fan. Regardless, it takes a fair amount of confidence and style to pull off a look like this. Lil Kim brought both with her to the 1999 VMA's and well over a decade later, it hasn't been forgotten. The same may be said about Nicki Minaj's Paris Fashion Week look.