Why Melanie Griffith Backtracked On All Of Her Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith in hawaii five-0

Not every celebrity who gets elective plastic surgery is brave enough to discuss the experience in detail, let alone admit that he or she had it. But Melanie Griffith recently refused to contribute to that kind of false narrative. Griffith is busy promoting a handful of films, such as The Disaster Artist, and the 59-year-old actress is throwing caution to the wind to answer questions about her changing looks and cosmetic procedures that left her feeling unrecognizable. Here is what Griffith revealed about her plastic surgery in a recent interview:

I didn't [realize] until people started saying, 'Oh my God, what has she done?' I was so hurt I went to a different doctor, and he started dissolving all of this shit that this other woman doctor had put in. Hopefully, I look more normal now.

The revelation comes from Melanie Griffith's recent interview with Porter Magazine. In the interview, Griffith opens up about her regrets on past experiences with plastic surgery and other aspects of life. From the sounds of it, she now feels ultra self-conscious about the results of certain cosmetic procedures she underwent in the past, but her regrets did not manifest themselves until people in the media and public began to scrutinize her looks.

In the interview, Griffith also reflected on the peaks and valleys of her personal life. Sadly, there seemed to be a broody focus on the valleys. She talked about her two visits to rehab. She mentioned that she feels good about the way she raised her children--Alexander Bauer, Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson, and Stella Banderas. However, Griffith intimated that she would redo certain aspects of parenthood today.

Amid the talk of plastic surgery and regrets, Melanie Griffith also shed some light on her highly publicized love life. She spoke well of actor Don Johnson. (She and Johnson got married and divorced in 1976 before remarrying in 1989 and divorcing again in 1996.) Then Griffith revealed that her 18-year marriage to actor Antonio Banderas ended in 2015 because she became stuck in her personal life. Griffith said she now has a renewed desire to enjoy life, but she indicated that there was no one else to blame for that breakup but herself . Griffith mentioned other brief romances with A-list stars like Warren Beatty, Ryan O'Neal, and Jack Nicholson. She stated that shyness has crept into her life and kept her from dating other men in the two years since she and Banderas split.

Seeing a talented, Oscar-nominated actress say that she hopes she looks "more normal now" is super depressing. It sounds like Melanie Griffith needs someone to give her a hug. She mentioned that there is no one else to blame for the breakdown of her marriage to Antonio Banderas, but with people hounding her about her looks, no wonder she felt stuck in her personal life. We're glad she is ready to enjoy life. Cheer up, Melanie!