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The Internet recently imploded upon the release of Pepsi's controversial ad featuring supermodel Kendall Jenner, but now a new Lego version of the ad is here to put the pieces back together. In the infamous original ad, Jenner joins a marching protest that stops at a line of police officers, one of whom Jenner presents with a can of Pepsi because, you know, if anything can solve the most troubling social issues of the moment, it's soda--right? Pepsi pulled the embarrassing ad and issued an apologetic statement following the backlash toward the clip. Since then, we have been graced with some fantastic parodies of the ad, such as this new laugh-fest in Lego form. Check out the video and continue reading below for details on the clip:

The funny Lego version of the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial comes from Huxley Berg Studios, which develops stop-motion animation video clips with Lego characters. The clip appears to follow the original ad frame for frame. It also features the same song as the one in the original ad, "Lions" by Skip Marley, which apparently had an incredible week and shot up the Billboard Hot 100 from number 35 to number 11 likely thanks to the pulledPepsi ad.

The Lego version of the ad offers some funny differences that we love. Of course, everybody is in Lego form, similar to the look of The Lego Movie and Lego Batman. The original Pepsi ad aimed to have a noticeably diverse crowd of protestors, and the creator of this clip retained that idea with Lego characters with likenesses similar to the people in the real ad. However, the clip takes the concept of forced diversity one step further with cameos by Lego versions of Guardians of the Galaxy characters, a Lego hot dog man, and a Lego lobster. Keep your eyes peeled for a Lego John Lennon and a Lego Luke Skywalker as well.

Rumors from people close to Kendall Jenner have said she may be depressed about the backlash toward her Pepsi ad's imagery, which some people claim looks like the famous photo of Ieshia Evans standing peacefully in the face of armed officers there to arrest her at a protest in Baton Rouge. (Then the ad's director of photography, Bjorn Charpentier, denied that claim and provided an explanation.) Maybe someone can send Jenner this Lego version of the ad to cheer her up. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

And in our opinion, everything is awesome in this parody. I lost it laughing when the Lego Kendall Jenner dramatically tore off her wig, rubbed away her lipstick, and grabbed a can of "Bricksi" (a Lego version of Pepsi). After Lego Kendall Jenner made her way across the protest line to the Lego police officer for the "Bricksi" handoff, the Lego crowd went wild. At the end of the video, the creator suggested that Lego cannot even fix this problem, but we disagree; this clip had us smiling. We hope you like it, too.

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