Taylor Swift Is Dealing With A Dude Who Thinks He's Her Husband, Has A Gun

Taylor in the Look What You Made Me Do video

While many of us grow up dreaming of fame and fortune, the reality isn't quite as glamorous. There are plenty of downsides to become a megastar, especially when it comes to privacy and personal safety. Singer Taylor Swift has certainly seen both sides of the fame monster, as all of her dating exploits are breakups are broadcast into the pop culture lexicon. Now it looks like Swift has yet another stalker on her hands, this time coming all the way from New Hampshire.

News of Taylor Swift's new stalker comes to us from TMZ. A 58 year old Swift super fan was recently speaking with law enforcement officers in New Hampshire about an unrelated matter, when things got weird. It's during this conversation, he reportedly bragged about being Swift's apparent boyfriend, and showed texts that he claimed were between he and the singer. Things got even more out of hand when the gentleman asked law enforcement officers how many states he can drive through with a concealed carry weapons permit. He claims that he needed the gun to protect Taylor from outside threats.

Luckily, it appears that the law enforcement took things seriously, and no doubt alerted Swift to yet another bonkers stalker. Given how she's one of the most popular modern recording artists, this isn't her first time at the stalker rodeo. Swift had an obsessed fan stalk her home last year, claiming that he was ready to marry the 28 year old. Luckily, Taylor Swift's security team seems to be pretty tight, and took care of the situation.

Taylor Swift has had a harrowing year or so, especially in regards to legal troubles and unacceptable fan action. She famously counter sued disc jokey David Mueller last year, for groping her during a meet and greet in 2013. While he attempted to sue Swift for defamation, she quickly fired back with a counter suit. Swift took the stand in the trial, and was eventually victorious in her legal battle against Mueller. The kicker is that she sued for just one dollar, mostly taking legal action on principal, and hoping to make an example out of him.

Despite another potentially dangerous stalker, Taylor Swift's last year hasn't been all bad. She recently released her new album Reputation, which has been critically and financial successful. Every track from the new album has been dissected and discussed, as fans attempted to gleam who she was referencing in each song. This includes the song "This is Why we Can't Have Nice Things", which many believed to be about her feuds with Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry. But Swift hasn't encouraged or commented on these rumors, which has never really stopped her army of fans.

CinemaBlend will be sure to update you on all things Taylor Swift, and we wish her continued happiness and safety in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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