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Is Cardi B Pregnant Or Not?

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Bring out the baby shower? Cardi B might soon be welcoming her first child into the world -- that is, if you believe some new rumors floating around the Internet today. Representatives for the 25-year-old rapper told several people during Super Bowl weekend that Cardi B doesn't want to hang out inside the party atmosphere because she's three or four months pregnant. However, the musician is swiftly denying such claims on social media, letting the record show that she's not, in fact, getting a baby bump, but instead "just getting fat."

The pregnancy rumors started swarming out shortly after Cardi performed several events in Minneapolis, including the Maxim Party. The event hosts two VIP areas, one that held football players and other talents and the other sporting Cardi and her entourage. According to TMZ, After Cardi's performance, one venue staffer asked a member of Cardi's team if they could go ahead and take the musician to her VIP room, where the alcohol would be plentiful. But Cardi's rep quickly declined the invitation, saying that she would rather stay close to the stage and drink Fuji water. That's when the rep unveiled the big baby news to the staffer, and the word has spread like wildfire.

But Cardi B is repeatedly denying such claims. At the beginning of the month, she told an Instagram commenter that she's "just getting fat." She then requests that everyone let her "fat in peace." But with these reports swimming around the media circuits this morning, that's going to be hard.

Should Cardi B have a bun in the oven, though, that would help explain some of her more recent personal behavior. As reported by Hollywood Life, the "Bodak Yellow" decided to stay with her fiancee Offset, despite a cheating scandal towards the end of the year. It was around Christmas when the pregnancy rumors first began to come up -- though Cardi B has continuously denied them ever since. Of course, it's entirely possible that Cardi B and Offset recoiled for different reasons, but it's also just as possible that the musicians put aside their difficulties to raise their upcoming child.

Cardi also denied pregnancy rumors before the Grammys in January, saying to an E! News reporter that she faces pregnancy talk "every two weeks." This time, however, the talk is a little more consistent than usual. Is there a good chance that we're gonna get another Kylie Jenner mic drop announcement in the next couple weeks? Maybe even months? We'll know soon enough. To recap, Jenner finally announced one week ago that she's pregnant after similar rumors surfaced throughout the last few months. Should we expect the same from Cardi B and her team? Not if they can help it, of course, but it's pretty safe to say that we'll have an answer to this inquiry in a little less than nine months time. So, in the meantime, stay tuned. And if you know Cardi B, it wouldn't hurt to come up with a baby shower gift idea. You know, just to play it safe.

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