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The story behind the controversial self-help group and the alleged sex cult NXIVM continues to evolve in strange, shocking ways. Case-in-point: as it was reported only a few days earlier, Smallville's Allison Mack was reportedly heavily involved in NXIVM, to the point where she might've been actively recruiting young women to join. She was recently arrested for her connection, and while fans are still in shock and awe of all that is going down, more details are coming to light. As it was recently revealed, Mack sought out high-profile talent like Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson to join NXIVM. The outreach to Watson was, in fact, done in Twitter, and Allison Mack claimed NXIVM to be an "amazing women's movement" that she wanted Watson to be involved in. You can check out Mack's tweets to Watson below.

Crazy stuff. As far as one can tell, Emma Watson didn't respond to Allison Mack's request -- at least, not publicly -- and it's possible that the 2016 exchange between actresses went unnoticed or simply ignored by the Harry Potter alum. It should also be noted that this is not the only time Mack tried to garner a response from Watson. As her Twitter history reveals, this response was one in a string of tweets.

Evidently, despite not getting a response back from Emma Watson, Allison Mack continued to persist. Mack tweeted at the fellow actress one more additional time, and the third time wasn't the charm.

While Allison Mack didn't end up recruiting Emma Watson, that didn't stop Mack from aiming high. In addition to her tweets directed towards the Beauty and the Beast star, Mack also tried to get the attention of Kelly Clarkson. In fact, she tried to persuade the American Idol winner by her love of Smallville back in 2013.

While these tweets from Allison Mack didn't capture too much attention or notice when they were sent out originally, they have proven damning in light of recent discoveries. On Friday, the television actress was arrested for sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor in conspiracy in connection with NXIVM.

The group has been described by at least one former member as a cult, and the details surrounding it have been horrific and disturbing. Some of the most harrowing are that that young women were allegedly branded and abused in many ways. Mack reportedly had a "pyramid of masters and slaves" inside the group, and she was allegedly called "the madam" inside its quarters. The organization Keith Raniere, who was also arrested recently. There is security footage captured of what appears to be Mack watching Raniere get taken away by the cops.

While Allison Mack wasn't able to recruit Kelly Clarkson and Emma Watson into the group, the actress was able to successfully persuade others. Fellow Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk was involved, but she went on to Twitter to deny that she ever recruited anyone. We'll keep you posted on the latest developments in this ongoing story.