The Hilarious Reason Why Chrissy Teigen Is Pissed About Missing The Met Gala

A multitude of celebrities made an appearance at last night's Met Gala, but Chrissy Teigen is unfortunately not one of them. The model/TV personality was unable to attend this year's ceremony, and sure enough, Teigen is pretty peeved about it. She's worked up for one specific (humorous) reason, which she revealed on social media. Take a look at the tweet below, which explains why the beloved media personality is annoyed that 2018 was the year she wasn't able to make it to the big fashion event.

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As she notes in the tweet above, Chrissy Teigen was always looking for an opportunity to wear what she refers to as "head shit" during the mega fashion hotspot, but it was never the right year. Sure enough, the one time it's actually fitting to wear such extravagant accessories is the one year she couldn't make it. Figures, right? Isn't that always how it always goes? We certainly sympathize with your frustrations, Chrissy Teigen. Although Chrissy is all kinds of mad right now about being absent from the Met Gala, at least she channeled her anger into making us laugh a bit. Besides, she could always wear "head shit" around the house. There aren't as many cameras around, but at least it's something. Right?

Chrissy Teigen isn't alone in her struggles. Similarly, Sarah Silverman found herself unable to attend the Met Gala as well, and the comedian discussed her inability to attend the event in similarly humorous fashion. The theme of the night was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination", so Silverman used some lazy photo shop skills to recycle one of her past looks.

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Sympathizing with her fellow celebrity away from the Met Gala, Chrissy Teigen reached out to Sarah Silverman and let her know she knows her pain.

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While Chrissy Teigen isn't turning heads at the Met Gala right now, the model always knows how to grab our attention. Her baby shower, for instance, was the source of controversy as it featured Kanye West in attendance, who recently got into a bit of an argument with her husband, John Legend, over his much-talked-about Twitter remarks of late. By attending the baby shower with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West proved everything was good between him and Legend (and, subsequently, Chrissy, it would seem). Additionally, Chrisy Teigen also earned some more social media attention when she revealed why she didn't take John Legend's last name. Here's a hint: John Legend isn't his real name. That's just an FYI for future reference.

Nevertheless, even if Chrissy Teigen isn't attending the Met Gala this year, she'll continue to earn our attention. That said, if Chrissy ever feels inclined to wear some head shit, we certainly won't say no. No matter what occasion it might be.

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