Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Got Photobombed, And The Internet Is Loving It

As Deadpool -- the Merc with the Mouth himself -- Ryan Reynolds is well-known for pranking people -- especially these days, as Deadpool 2 is playing in theaters worldwide. That's why it's rare when someone pulls a fast one on him. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened to the A-list actor recently, when he was getting reacquainted with Hugh Jackman for a buddy photo-op. When he shared the excellent photo, social media users couldn't help noticing how a random stranger in the background got the last laugh with a sneakily well-done photobomb. If you want to see the photobomb grabbing everyone's attention, check out the photo, below.

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Well played, kid! It's not every day you get to be the focus of attention in a photo featuring two high-caliber, world-beloved actors, but this young photobomber ultimately stole the show and -- much to Ryan Reynolds' chagrin -- got the last laugh, too. Relish the moment! In any case, away from this photobombed photo, this celebrity meet-up continues Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's well-documented tradition of pulling pranks and joshing with each other, especially around the releases of their newest R-rated superhero/anti-hero films, i.e. 2016's Deadpool, 2017's Logan and now Deadpool 2.

It's Ryan Reynolds, in particular, who has a tradition of trolling Hugh Jackman. You could say it's the actor staying true to his jokey, larger-than-life on-screen persona. The former X-Men Origins: Wolverine stars are known to throw jokes at one another, particularly on social media, although it's not one-sided. Hugh Jackman will get a good laugh here and there too, just like he did when Ryan Reynolds crashed the press junket for Jackman's 2016 film Eddie the Eagle. Of course, it's all from a place of love. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are actually friends, as seen in the photo above, and there are still rumors about Deadpool and Wolverine making a movie together, which is a question that still bounces back and forth, even given the events of Logan and Deadpool 2. In any case, there are no hard feelings to be found here. Jackman and Reynolds seem to love each other, and that might concern Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds' wife (though she played it cool).

Whatever the case, the Internet is having a field day and took to social media to express their delight about the photobomb.

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Or this guy, who knows who the real hero is.

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In any case, little is known about the photobomber. Perhaps it's best to leave his story mysterious. Respect his legacy. Anyway, we're certain that the comedic sparing between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds will not cease soon, especially if plans to make an X-Force movie and possibly Deadpool 3 come into fruition. Deadpool 2 is already breaking records, and the blockbuster sequel is earning acclaim from critics and fans alike. So, we should expect to see Ryan Reynolds in the limelight again soon, and that means we'll probably get some more pranking between him and Hugh Jackman. Whether or not photobombing will be in the equation, however, is left unknown at this time.

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