Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Freak Out When Hearing Daughter's Voice At Taylor Swift's Concert

Sure, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively might be super famous celebrities who spend their days starring in big Hollywood movies. Like many other non-famous people in the world, however, Lively and Reynolds are also major Taylor Swift fans, and they like to go out and jam to her chart-topping tunes. Recently, the actors found themselves united with a bunch of other Swift enthusiasts during a Massachusetts concert on the musician's ongoing tour -- although their experience ended up a little more special than most attendees in the stadium, if only for one specific reason: they got to hear their own daughter's voice blasted from the stage. During the night's performance of "Gorgeous," which features an introduction from the couple's daughter, James, and her voice showed up during the concert. Thankfully, an audience member captured their response to hearing their daughter's voice and put it on social media for everyone to see. You can check out the cute reaction below.

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As you can guess from James Reynolds' cameo in Taylor Swift's Reputation single, Taylor Swift is a friend of the Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively family. It hasn't been a secret that the pop singer and actors are close; the musician's cats even made an appearance in Deadpool 2. When Lively and Reynolds made their way to Swift's Foxborough, Massachusetts concert, though, there's a good chance they weren't expecting to hear the song, based on their adorable reactions to hearing the song. If that's the case, making it a surprise only made the moment that much sweeter for the couple.

That wasn't the only reaction from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds captured from the concert. Joined by model Gigi Hadid, Reynolds and Lively especially were also seen rocking out to Taylor Swift's evening rendition of "Style," dancing up and down and joyfully singing the lyrics. Take a look.

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There's no denying that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had a great concert experience that evening. Meanwhile, when the topic of James Reynolds' cameo in "Gorgeous" came up on Good Morning America the Deadpool actor admitted that his 3-year-old daughter now has a "terrible ego" about the whole thing, letting the appearance in Taylor Swift's newest album go completely to her head.

My daughter has a really, really terrible ego problem now after that song. Oh, she's insufferable.

All joking aside, though, Ryan Reynolds admits that he's not entirely sure if James Reynolds actually knows that she's in the song, although we're sure that's going to be a great surprise someday. And Ryan Reynolds was quick to admit that the whole experience was honestly pretty "amazing." Evidently, the appreciation for Taylor Swift continued earlier this week for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. If we get more cute updates about their Taylor Swift appreciation, you can be sure to hear about it here.

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