Demi Lovato's Drug Dealer Won't Be Investigated After Overdose

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In late July, Demi Lovato was rushed to the ER for an apparent overdose. Once believed to be a heroin overdose, that rumor was quickly debunked once it was reported that Lovato's condition was stable. The details surrounding Demi Lovato's sudden, shocking medical emergency have continued to unfurl in the weeks proceeding the initial story, and the latest details to come out about the incident revolve not around Demi herself, but the man who reportedly gave the pop singer the drugs that caused her overdose. As it was reported earlier today, there will reportedly be no police investigation for the man who was allegedly Lovato's drug dealer. He is not expected to be arrested, and there are apparently no efforts from the Los Angeles Police Department to take the drug dealer in custody anytime soon.

Brandon Johnson, the man who is reported to be Demi Lovato's drug dealer, has been openly talking about his interaction with Demi Lovato with TMZ. In his conversation with the gossip website, he talked about the 4 AM text he received from Lovato to come to her Hollywood Hills home, and admitted that the pills he gave the starlet were not entirely safe. Johnson claimed he knew they were at least a bit risky. While Johnson has been forthcoming about the altercation, there are apparently no efforts from the police to arrest Johnson or to question him about what happened when Demi Lovato overdosed. It is unclear why the police have taken no interest in the individual who claims he's involved with the overdose, but the law enforcement officers close to the website claim Johnson is essentially in the clear.

As it was speculated a few weeks earlier, Demi Lovato was reportedly freebasing Oxycodone laced with fentanyl when her health took a turn for a worse and she was found unconscious in her Hollywood home. It was reported at the time that Lovato texted a drug dealer after a birthday bash for one of her back-up dancers. The drug dealer reportedly got the drugs from out of the country, origins unknown, and it was believed that the fentanyl was was caused Lovato to overdose. Fentanyl, after all, was the drug that reportedly killed Prince. Once Lovato's body started to convulse, the drug dealer quickly fled. Medical experts rushed to Demi Lovato's residence once her body was found, and she was revived through Narcan before being rushed to the hospital, where she stayed for a little more than two weeks.

It is believed that Brandon Johnson has been supplying Demi Lovato since April, when the pop singer broke six years of sobriety and returned on the wagon. Since her extended hospital visit, Demi Lovato has been checked into rehab for an unspecified amount of time, and the musician has cancelled the remaining dates on her tour for the remainder of the year. We'll continue to keep you posted on the latest Demi Lovato updates right here at CinemaBlend.

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