Demi Lovato Is Reportedly Selling Her House After Overdose

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Demi Lovato is hopefully on the road to recovery. The troubled pop musician was rushed to the hospital in late July after she had a near-fatal overdose in her Hollywood Hills home. And since then, Lovato has sought treatment via rehab for her vices, hoping to return to the drug-free lifestyle she once held. Addiction is hard to overcome, and it's a process that doesn't have any real end point. It's ultimately up to the person themselves to push themselves forward and to make sure they don't return to their bad habits. And Demi Lovato seems to knows that. That's why she's hoping to push herself forward by reportedly relocating herself, moving away from the house where she OD'd and removing herself from that toxic and unhealthy environment. Here's what we know about Demi Lovato's housing situation.

As it was reported by Entertainment Tonight, Demi Lovato is reportedly in the midst of selling her Hollywood Hills house, where she hasn't been located since her medical emergency in July. The private estate is currently up-for-grabs at $9.495 million, and it includes four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, a bar and a media room. It costs a pretty penny, to be sure, but it has more than a few accessories. But it obviously holds a dark cloud over its Sunset Strip shoulders, as it was the location where Demi Lovato nearly died earlier this summer. Thanks to medical responders, she was resuscitated and she was brought to proper medical care, but it's clear that this location holds a burden on Demi Lovato. And if Demi wants to leave her dark days behind her, then she's going to make stark changes to her life.

Demi Lovato was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on July 24th, the day of her overdose, and she was situated there for nearly two weeks until she was released. The actress and musical artist was then taken to rehab, upon the insistence of her friends and family, and Lovato is still situated in treatment at the moment and focused on her health and recovery. The musician cancelled the remaining dates on her international tour and wrote a heartfelt address to her fans saying she's thankfully for their ongoing support during this difficult time in her life. Demi Lovato wants to push forward from here, and it sounds like selling the house with loads of bad memories inside is one of the first steps in that ongoing recovery process. But the road back to recovery is a mountain, not an ant hill. It'll take time.

Beyond the support of her family and friends, including ex-lover Wilmer Valderrama, Demi Lovato is also receiving the love of Selena Gomez, as it was announced yesterday. While the musician wasn't public about it until the day before, the long-time friend of the aligning singer has reached out and offered her love and support during this hardship, and Selena was overcome with emotions talking about it in the recent interview. It's clearly a difficult time for not only the singer but the people who care about her, and we're glad Demi Lovato is taking it seriously and seeking the help that she needs right now.

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