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Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra Isn't As Expensive As You'd Think

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If you happen to have $1 million lying around your mansion and you were hoping to purchase Victoria's Secret Fantasy bra, you might wanna think twice. The new item made a serious splash when it debuted, and showed a diamond encrusted brassiere that looked straight from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But experts are now disputing its high asking price, believing that the very expensive diamond-covered piece of underwear is worth quite a bit less than that price tag would suggest.

To be more specific, Grant Mobley, a person who's knowledgeable in the price of diamonds, believes the bra is worth a mere $56,800. It's not uncommon for companies to ask more for an item than it's ultimately worth. But that price tag is, well, rather egregious. Looks like the Victoria Secret's Angels might be devils in disguise.

Thanks to the investigative folks over at Page Six, it's become apparent that Victoria's Secret is keeping a few too many secrets from their buyers. The pricey fashion choice was introduced on Monday during the company's annual fashion show. Reportedly taking close to 1,000 man-hours to make, it is said to contain over 2,100 silver diamonds. That's believed to be 71 carats worth. If you're not hip on diamonds prices, $1 million could sound right.

Grant Mobley, however, would beg to differ. The diamond professional claims it's "very clear" that the item is "overvalued" based on what is already known about the product. Since the synthetic diamonds are estimated to cost $800 per carat, the price would be closer to $60,000 than a $1 million.

So, if you were collecting your millions of bucks together and thinking about buying this special item to own and possibly wear, one should think again. It's believed that "only natural diamonds from the Earth" would make the item worthy of $1 million buckaroos, and that doesn't appear to be the case with Victoria's Secret not-very-cheap new bra. When it comes to the coveted Fantasy Bra, it appears that some things are simply too good to true.

When it comes to this Fantasy Bra, there are more-than-a-few things that were kept, ahem, secret. This lingerie wasn't going to be an item sold in stores across the country, obviously, but it sounds like the person who does decide to put the money down and buy this piece of diamond-encrusted clothing will need to do a little more research before they decide it's the best use of their one million dollars in savings (?!) -- not to mention taxes too.

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