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Zayn Malik "Like I Would" Music Video / Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" Music Video

Those lucky enough to become a celebrity or popular artist tend to bounce around a lot. They don't necessarily live in one location for long, and travel is frequent.Successful andfamous musicians are also constantly on tour, and asked to be in one place or another. That's exactly the life Taylor Swift lives. She's not one to stay in one place for long, and she'll often be bouncing between locations on the dime. But there's an added rumor about Swift using her suitcast in an unorthodox way. According to Zayn Malik, T. Swift avoids the paparazzi by traveling inside a suitcase.

She was traveling around in a suitcase.

Zayn Malik made the claim about Taylor Swift's unconventional (and presumably uncomfortable) travel method during his recent profile piece with Vogue. There are many ways one could escape the gaze of the paparazzi, but you gotta give points to Taylor Swift for being creative in her methods. It is not as if the photographers and autograph seekers are going to think she's hiding in a bunch of luggage (well, until now).

Qhile it's not the most convenient or comfy way to travel, we suppose it does the job well enough. And it seems to work for Taylor Swift -- until Zayn Malik let the cat of the bag. Yes, there is a pun intended here.

Admittedly, as Stereogum reports, there were rumors spreading in the summer of 2017 that Taylor Swift was possibly traveling around via suitcase. It is a piece of gossip that began when Swift's bodyguards were photographed carrying a large suitcase to her apartment. The Internet being what it is, speculation began. But there were a few people believed that info was too ridiculous to be true. Alas, this time, this rumor might be the real deal.

If Taylor Swift is being carried from place-to-place via suitcase, that raises a whole lot of questions. For instance, are the suitcases custom made? Are there suitcases designers who have made suitcases that fit Taylor Swift's ... modifications? Do people inside her immediate circle know she will be coming via suitcase, or do they get the fright of their lives when Taylor Swift randomly pops out of a suitcase?

Furthermore, does she travel in a suitcase by plane? We doubt it, but going through airport customs via suitcase must be one hellish ordeal. It certainly makes the concept of flying coach seem more enjoyable.

We don't know the answer to these questions, and it's unlikely that we will ever hear from Taylor Swift directly on this matter. But thanks to Zayn Malik, the Internet has some confirmation about this particular nagging rumor. That's all you can hope for. Not much else you can say, other than case closed.