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John Krasinski, Ryan Reynolds Call Out Hugh Jackman For Getting A Little Too Close To Emily Blunt

Things might be getting a little heated between Hugh Jackman and Emily Blunt, and John Krasinski isn't going to stand by and watch it happen! When the Australian actor and the British actress were seen on the red carpet together, they got a little too close for Krasinski's comfort. The actor/director suggested Jackman better back off if he knows what's good for him, and Ryan Reynolds is also joining in on the fun. After all, it's another opportunity for the Deadpool actor to bust Jackman's chops. He's obviously going to seize the moment, making it into a big stinking deal. But it all started with an innocent image from Wolverine himself.

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It started innocently enough. Or so it seemed. On Twitter, Hugh Jackman posted a picture of himself with the lovely Emily Blunt after they recently had the chance to talk to each other, actor-to-actor, during Variety's annual Actor on Actor series. The Front Runner star called the opportunity a "pleasure."

While this photo doesn't suggest any foul play on Hugh Jackman's part, John Krasinski was quick to comment with another, separate photo where Jackman and Emily Blunt seemed to be getting pretty chummy. Krasinski claimed Jackman might've misinterpreted what was meant by "Actor on Actor." To make matters worse, the actor and director of A Quiet Place also suggested that he wasn't at all afraid to get a little physical with Jackman himself.

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Time to bring out the (adamantium) claws! While John Krasinski is (surely) being a bit cheeky here about staying away from his wife, he feels a few boundaries might be necessary if Hugh Jackman and Emily Blunt are going to be spending any more time together. Of course, Mr. Jackman is considered one of the nicest, most easy-going gentlemen in Hollywood, and he's teasing the one-time Wolverine actor based on a salacious snapshot. After all, Jackman is in one of the most committed marriages in Hollywood, having stayed married for more than two decades.

But that's not going to stop Ryan Reynolds from stepping into the fun. The actor relished the opportunity to once again poke fun at this former X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star by suggesting that he, John Krasinski and several other men and women should all step up to bring down Hugh Jackman.

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The time has come to bring down Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds has spoken. Now that he's done playing Wolverine for good, he's not quite as bulky and imposing as he once was, and John Krasinski and Reynolds are seemingly going to take this opportunity to make sure that the actor doesn't impose himself on anyone else's wife in the near future. Of course, if anything, Blake Lively has wondered if Reynolds and Jackman have gotten a little too intimate in the past, so maybe there are a few questions to be asked before the war on Hugh Jackman is lead by the Once Upon a Deadpool actor.

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