Megan Fox Admits To Dating Shia LaBeouf During Transformers

Megan Fox Shia LaBeouf Transformers

It's not uncommon for movie stars -- especially movie co-stars -- to couple up. There is a long history of actors and actresses dating each other, often based on their work history together. Sometimes, these couples make their relationship status public knowledge and sometimes they're kept a secret (even if they're made public later on in life). Megan Fox has commented one of those secret relationships. She admitted that, during her time in the Transformers movies, she dated her co-star, Shia LaBeouf. Fox didn't specify how long they were dating, but she says she does "love him."

I would confirm that it was romantic. I love him. I've never been really quiet about that. I love him.

Megan Fox made this dating confession during a recent appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. It slipped when she was asked to play "Plead the Fifth". In the game, the actress/model is asked a series of questions and she can only plead the fifth on one of them. It should be noted that Cohen wasn't asking if Fox and Shia LaBeouf ever dated; Cohen claims LaBeouf confessed they had a "romantic" relationship together in an interview that dated back to 2011. The talk show host asked Megan Fox how she would characterize their relationship when they made the films.

From there, Megan Fox gave the response found above. But it was after a good bit of time struggling to figure out what to say about their relationship. After a moment, the actress conceited that it was, indeed, a "romantic" relationship they shared, and she claimed she does still love him -- even though they're no longer romantically involved. Even though this news might come as a surprise to some, Fox claims she's never "been really quiet" about her warm feelings for her fellow Transformers actor. Cohen later asked if it was an on-set romance that didn't go anywhere after the fact, and Fox said yes.

You can watch the revealing clip from Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen featuring Megan Fox below.

It's unclear if the romance between Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf was only during the making of the first Transformers movie, or if it extended to the sequel they made together, 2009's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It sounds like it was only a fling during the making of the first film, but it is hard to know for sure. I guess some things are going to remain a secret. Perhaps later on in the future, we'll learn even more details about their relationship.

These days, however, both Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf have moved on. LaBeouf was married to actress Mia Goth, until they filed for divorce back in September. LaBeouf is reportedly now in a relationship with singer-songwriter FKA twigs. She stars in the upcoming Honey Boy, the new film starring and written by Shia LaBeouf. Perhaps it's another relationship which formed on set? It's hard to say for sure. Perhaps one shouldn't speculate either.

Megan Fox, meanwhile, is married to actor Brian Austin Green. They've been husband-and-wife since 2010, so Fox's relationship with Shia LaBeouf was obviously before their time together. Meanwhile, for the latest news in celebrity relationships and more, be sure to check back with CinemaBlend.

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