The Golden Globes Fiji Water Girl Speaks Out After Going Viral

Kelleth Cuthbert in an E! video

These days, it doesn't take a lot to become a viral sensation. Whether it's smiling at the Royal Wedding, or being an effusive superfan of your favorite sports team, writing your cover letter like Groot, or making a shrine in your college bathroom to Danny DeVito, there are many, many different ways in which one person can catch the Internet's attention and (hopefully) affection and become a hit on the interwebs. And another Internet viral sensation was made during the Golden Globes, and it was all because a woman was seen carrying a tray of Fiji water around a number of high-profile celebrities.

That woman is Kelleth Cuthbert, a.k.a. Fiji Water Girl. And she has become one of the first memes of 2019, simply for carrying a water tray filled with Fiji water around the Golden Globes red carpet. Specifically, as it was reported by, Cuthbert quickly made a name for herself on the Internet for photobombing several celebrity photos during the evening. The repetitious manner through which she kept popping up in several photos found on social media circuits caused her to become a viral hit. Sure enough, while she was there for the celebrities, Cuthbert became a minor celebrity herself.

I've been photobombing since I was a kid. My family ... we're all a bunch of hams.

Not much was known about Fiji Water Girl while the awards show was commencing, but more details have come forward since her Internet splash. As it has been revealed, Kelleth Cuthbert is a model from Toronto in her early 30s. She was attending the awards show as one of four ambassadors for Fiji Water, wearing an outfit made to match the water she was promoting. It was her job to make sure everyone was hydrated. The last thing anyone wants is to be the person who passed out on the red carpet, in front of the cameras -- celebrity or otherwise. Therefore, she was on hand to hand out water.

But as she circled the red carpet handing out water, Kelleth Cuthbert didn't realize that she was swiftly becoming an Internet phenomenon. As it turns out, during her rounds with the water tray, Cuthbert was photobombing several celebrity photo-ops. It unwittingly earned her a great deal of attention.

Here are some examples of Fiji Water Girl's photobombs throughout the evening, behind celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Judy Greer and several more.

In the grand tradition of the Internet, the woman who was there to provide for the celebrities is something of a celebrity herself. And who knows what will happen from here for Kelleth Cuthbert. She reportedly helped bring major attention to Fiji Water, so it wouldn't be surprising if she continued to work for the company. And the 50,000 tweets centered around her and tons of focus centered her way is also ultimately helping the brand as well.

So, there you have it. Another celebrity has been born on the Internet. Who knows what will become of Kelleth Cuthbert, but it's apparent that in a night filled with celebrities, she never expected to become one. Yet, here we are. Such is the Internet. And who knows who'll become a viral hit next.

Will Ashton

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