Blac Chyna Dropped From Stroller Company After Viral Outburst

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It is not a great week for Blac Chyna. On Easter Sunday, the model/reality TV personality was seen in a rage at Six Flags Magic Mountain outside L.A., and the footage captured of Chyna's fight with other guests featuring her throwing her daughter's pink stroller around as a weapon. The incident went viral, garnering more attention than Blac Chyna would like, and she has suffered the repercussions of the outburst. Now, it's gonna hurt her bank account. As it is being reported today, Blac Chyna lost her sponsorship with the stroller company Momiie after the video was released.

NY Daily News provided the latest update on Blac Chyna's unfortunate situation. Based on the timing of the sponsorship drop, one would assume it's related to Chyna's incident on Sunday. Makes sense, after all. But Momiie claims the model was already called into question for "behavioral issues" and because of her sex tape scandal last month. Her big rage on Sunday was either convenient timing or simply the last straw for the stroller company. It's hard to say. But clearly, Momiie doesn't want anything to do with Blac Chyna right now. And that only adds to Blac Chyna's ongoing misfortunes.

Beyond Blac Chyna's recent sponsorship drop, the high profile model is also dealing with the wrath of Rob Kardashian, her ex-boyfriend and the father of her one-year-old daughter, Dream Renee Kardashian. Blac Chyna took Dream to the amusement park over the holiday weekend before everything went to hell in a pink stroller. As it was reported yesterday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is considered troubled by Chyna's recent behavior, and he wants to renegotiate the terms of what they can and can't do in front of their child, as well as their child support settlements. Rob believes he is paying too much in child support a month, and he wants to make sure neither parent can introduce a new boyfriend/girlfriend to Dream for six months.

Things haven't been great between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna since they split in 2016. The former stars of E!'s canceled reality TV series Rob & Chyna have been feuding with each other ever since they broke up, and it has only gotten uglier with time. Rob Kardashian released was what deemed "revenge porn" when he displayed graphic nude photos of his former partner on his social media feeds, a lewd act that banned him from Instagram. Blac Chyna, meanwhile, is in a bitter court battle with the Kardashian clan over royalties for Rob & Chyna. Overall things aren't great between them.

Blac Chyna joined Momiie as a brand ambassador in February. The model hoped to launch her own brand with the company if things worked out nicely. Yeah... it's safe to say things effectively didn't work out. Not at all.

It's not exactly clear what happened on Sunday that caused Blac Chyna to snap, but there are rumors that someone -- potentially a friend of Blac Chyna, as it was once reported -- called the reality TV star a "hoodrat" and proceeded to touch her child. This is all gossip and hearsay at this point. Until someone close to the situation can clarify, we can only go off on what it is being speculated. If we receive any more details, we'll let you know.

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