Blac Chyna Says She Was Tricked Into Having Kids By Tyga And Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna - Rob & Chyna

Blac Chyna wants to take Tyga and Rob Kardashian to task for their lack of child support. And in doing so, she made a confession about her relationships with both celebrities: she claims she was "tricked" into having her kids with both men, and she believes it's completely unfair to not get their support. Blac Chyna said:

I have kids by two guys that fucking tricked me or whatever and don't give me shit. No child support, and I'm sick of that shit. Cut that child support shit out. Just cut it out. Period.

On Instagram Live, as it was reported by Hot New Hip Hop, Blac Chyna went on a tirade to denounce her former lovers and to let the public know that they have not been completely supportive in their child-rearing efforts. Chyna has one son with Tyga, King Cairo Stevenson (6), and one daughter with Rob Kardashian, Dream Renee Kardashian (2). Chyna claims she was "tricked" into having both children by her respective me. And once they were born, the men left the scene.

These frustrations have been building for some time, apparently, but it was only recently when Blac Chyna felt compelled to let her feelings be known publicly. It is hard to raise two children -- especially on your own -- and if you have not one but two separate fathers who are unwilling to show any help or appreciation, that can presumably make things more difficult. Sure enough, Blac Chyna wants both Tyga and Rob Kardashian to know that she doesn't appreciate their lack of support -- to say the least. And Blac Chyna wants people to know that she tries to end her disagreements with important people in her life. Unfortunately, however, it doesn't always work out.

I try to squash shit, which I did. But none of that comes out. It's only negative shit with Chyna ... I never wanted no money from Rob because it was never about that. Period.

Currently, Blac Chyna is in a relationship with Soulja Boy, and it sounds like she is currently happy with their brand new romantic standing. Perhaps it was the support and appreciation that she receives from her new lover that makes her wonder why she didn't get that before? In any case, Blac Chyna is clearly peeved about this whole matter, and she wants to be more properly compensated. Or, at least, receive more support than she has been given at this present moment.

Things haven't been easy for Blac Chyna. She constantly finds herself in the press for "negative shit," as she calls it, and it has proven to be difficult for her to speak on her own terms. Which is why she went to Instagram to explain her side of the story, perhaps hoping to find some sympathy from her social media followers. Chyna is someone who is often inclined to speak her mind, and that's exactly what she did during this Instagram Live stream. And I imagine she's going to feel liberated to speak her mind again in the future. If that's the case, then we'll certainly keep you posted on the details right here at CinemaBlend.

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