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The Kardashians May Have Bested Blac Chyna In Court

Kim and Chyna exercising on Keeping Up

It's no secert that the Kardashian family is usually chock full of drama. It's their feuds and missteps that have kept Keeping Up With The Kardashians on for a whopping 14 season on E!. But not all of the extended family has had such luck with their respective spinoffs. Caitlyn Jenner's I Am Cait was cancelled on the network after just two seasons on the air, and Rob and Chyna faired even worse. The show's first and only season followed the uneasy tension between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna during their brief relationship. The series' second season was put on hold after the couple's public breakup, and Blac Chyna has since taken Kris and Kim Kardashian to court, blaming them for the cancellation.

But it doesn't look like the legal system is on Blac Chyna's side on this one. According to TMZ, the judge who was overseeing Chyna's case may be agreeing to drop the Kardashians from the lawsuit altogether. Kardashian lawyer Shawn Holley went to bat for both Kris and Kim during the proceedings, and ultimately the judge decided that the case against the Kardashians had no merit, as they weren't in charge of the network and Blac Chyna was only in the negotiating period when E! cancelled the show. But that doesn't mean the case is dead.

Rather than dismissing it altogether, the judge reportedly gave Blac Chyna the ability to form a new case against Kim and Kris Kardashian, which would potentially keep them on the receiving end of the lawsuit. Blac Chyna is also suing Rob Kardashian for the series being cancelled, which seems to at least have more of a standing for the case's judge.

Originally, Blac Chyna blamed the entirety of the Kardashian family for her show's cancellation. While she was going to include the entire lot of siblings in her suit, she eventually decided to drop everyone except Rob, Kris, and Kim. She alleges these three teamed up to get her deal cancelled with E!, and wants financial reparations.

Blac Chyna does seem to have an uphill battle when it comes to suing the Kardashians over the cancellation of Rob and Chyna. Following her explosive and public breakup with Rob Kardashian, she actually filed a restraining order against her former lover and the father of their child Dream. As such, it doesn't seem like Rob and Chyna would even be possible. After all, there's no way that E! could produce a show about a couple, when the two stars can't even be in the same room.

Alas, Blac Chyna does feel wronged by both the network and the Kardashian family, and is attempting to take things to court. We'll just have to wait to see if Chyna's case gets any stronger in the coming months, following this set back.

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