Blac Chyna Claims Latest Leaked Sex Tape Isn't Her

Blac Chyna on Keeping Up

Blac Chyna was recently the subject of yet another sex tape leak. But this time, she's claiming it's not actually her. Talking about the recent source of controversy, the model is claiming that the 13-minute, out-of-focus video swimming around the web today is not her. Rather, it's someone who simply looks like her. At least, according to Chyna herself. And she believes that the lookalike is getting attention for herself in light of Chyna's recent misfortune.

As reported by TMZ today, the newest sex tape shows a woman with a similar skin tone, body type, hairstyle and wide collection of tattoos as Blac Chyna, which makes the similarities very striking between the two. But the person is reportedly an imposter -- by the admission of Chyna and her team, at least. The model and reality TV star's legal team are now currently sending cease and desist letters to anyone who unlawfully publishes the video on their site, notably any porn site that is flaunting her famous name at the top of the video. But knowing the web, that's going to be easier said than done.

The newest sex tape of (supposedly not) Blac Chyna made its way onto Twitter earlier this week. In that time, it has been spreading like wildfire, even though the sexual footage is grainy at best. It should not be confused with a separate sex tape which also made its way onto the web this week. That video, which features Chyna's former partner Mechie receiving oral sex from the media celebrity, is not a point of contention. That one seems to be legit.

At the moment, Chyna is also dealing with the legal headaches and personal traumas of that video being public. So, it's not a great week for the reality TV star and model. Additionally, the legal team is sending out cease and desist letters to anyone publishing that sex tape as well, which also originated from Twitter.

The revealing videos come not long after Blac Chyna's former partner, Robert Kardashian, released graphic nude photos of the star on his social media feeds, in an act that was quickly deemed "revenge porn." It ultimately caused Kardashian's Instagram to be shut down. She shares a child with Kardashian, 1-year-old Dream Renee, though they have been separated since 2016. Currently, Chyna is embrittled in a lawsuit with the famous family over the financial restitutions for their reality TV series, E!'s Rob and Chyna. It appears that the legal battles have only gotten more heated as time goes on.

We'll keep you informed on future updates regarding Blac Chyna's unfortunate public situation as they follow in the days to come.

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