That Time Lindsay Lohan Trapped Her Folks In Real Life

Lindsay Lohan (and Lindsay Lohan) - The Parent Trap

Before Lindsay Lohan became the infamous celebrity she is known as, the actress made a name for herself from her wonderful dual performance as Hallie Parker and Annie James in 1998's charming cult classic remake of The Parent Trap. Directed and co-written by Nancy Meyers, and based on the original Disney film of the same name by 1961, the family film was able to bounce above the typically dismissive attitudes given to remakes through Lohan's warm and wonderfully charming performances, which pulled off the very rare illusion of making you believe that one person can actually be two separate kids.

Even though Lindsay Lohan was only 11-years-old when she was cast in the movie (her first, by the way), some people still consider The Parent Trap to be the actress' finest hour in cinema. And it seems to hold a special place in Lohan's heart too. While the actress has moved on from the iconic role in various different ways, she found a way to reprise the film's premise in unusual fashion. As it turns out, Ms. Lohan hosted a real parent trap of her own.

I actually like Jesse, but my children still want Dina and I back together. They have for years. As late as my last birthday, my children and I went to dinner at Per Se in NY City only to have a ‘party crasher,’ Dina, show up. Unbeknownst to me, Lindsay set it up and when Dina walked in Lindsay said, ‘Happy "Parent Trap," Daddy!'

The story was recounted by Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, during a recent correspondence with Page Six. He claims that his ex-wife, Dina Lohan, has found happiness with her boyfriend of five years, Jesse Nadler, even though they have never met before -- at least, according to Dina Lohan on a recent episode of Celebrity Big Brother. But he also believes that his four children are hoping that he gets back together with their mom, despite their divorce. To make the plot even closer to the Disney film, Mr. Lohan claims they went out of their way to create a real Parent Trap for their parents.

Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan got divorced in 2007, and they haven't been together since. In that time, Michael Lohan got married to another woman, Kate Major, in 2014. But the marriage was short-lived, as they announced in September of last year that they are getting divorced. It's unclear if he is sharing this story to the press because it's cute and its art imitating life or if he's actually trying to get in another relationship with Dina Lohan, but she hasn't commented on the new report.

In any case, Michael Lohan claimed at one point that he considered getting back together with Dina but he couldn't handle her drinking. Dina has a history of drunken offenses, including a DUI in 2013 -- which she pleaded guilty to in 2014. Michael finds that difficult.

In any case, if Michael and Dina Lohan actually got together again through a Parent Trap conceived by their kids, that certainly would be ironic -- to say the least. If that were to happen, we would certainly keep you posted on those details, along with other celebrity-related stories, here at CinemaBlend.

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