It Looks Like Madonna And Lady Gaga's Feud Is Officially Dead

Some feuds burn forever. Other feuds are short-lived. Lady Gaga and Madonna haven't always been on each other's best sides, to say the least, but it turns out that their bitter feelings for each other weren't meant for long. As it was just revealed on social media, the Oscar-winning star of A Star is Born and the fellow actress-musician finally put their feud to rest. The celebrities showcased the news with a new backstage photo, where they found each other in a comforting embrace.

Madonna, Lady Gaga - TIME Instagram

The intimate photo, provided by TIME's Instagram recognizing last night's Oscars ceremony, finds Lady Gaga celebrating her first Oscar win for Best Original Song with A Star is Born's "Shallow," which she won alongside Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt. And she's celebrating with Madonna by her side. While folks who weren't clued into the feud might not think much about this photo, it does prove to be a surprise for those familiar the controversies that swirled between the celebs, particularly when things between them got heated last year.

To be more specific, the feud between Lady Gaga and Madonna was reignited when Gaga was heard re-uttering a soundbite involving "100 people" and "99 of them" not believing you, but it only taking one to to say yes and change "your whole life" -- which Madonna believes Lady Gaga stole from her quote history. Madonna made it clear: she wasn't the least bit happy about Gaga co-opting her lines, and she made things between them bitter. Social media, obviously, ate the drama up.

But at some point during awards season build-up and the glamor of Oscar Sunday, something changed. The ice melted. At least, that's what one would speculate, but it's hard to know for sure how these famous feud turned into a fabulous friendship.

No matter. It would seem Madonna and Lady Gaga are cool with each other, rather than just cold. And it doesn't necessarily matter how the end result was made; it's just a relieving comfort for fans of both Lady Gaga and Madonna to know they're no longer at odds and that everything seems hunky-dory between these two gals.

But will the joyful, loving and comforting feelings between Lady Gaga and Madonna last long? Who can say? These things are hard to predict in Hollywood. It is hard to know when celebrity feuds might begin and when they might end. And it is not our place to assume when they will spark and when they will die out. We only report when they come alive or die quickly. And this time, it's thankfully the latter.

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