Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For Running Over A Paparazzo's Foot

Justin Bieber - "As Long As You Love Me" Music Video

Back in 2017, Justin Bieber was behind the wheel of his Dodge Ram 2500 pick-up truck, leaving a worship service located in Beverly Hills, when he was chased by a paparazzi photographer. Not an unusual occurrence for the pop star. He is used to people running up to him, trying to snap a picture, get his autograph, hear his take on the latest bit of juicy gossip, or simply say something or another to the well-publicized celebrity. Bieber tried to drive away, evidently not in the mood to meet the camera's gaze. But the star wasn't able to do so without an accident occurring.

As it was reported at the time, Justin Bieber reportedly ran over the foot of William Wilson, a nearby photographer who found himself a bit too close for comfort near the vehicle. A nasty dispute followed the altercation; there was even more press about the troubled celebrity. Now, the cameraman will bring the courts into the conversation. William Wilson is suing the famous pop singer for this ill-fated ru -in.

According to TMZ, William Wilson believes Justin Bieber was "negligent in the way he pulled" his vehicle out in the street. Wilson is claiming that the accident caused "permanent disability, emotional damages and general damages." The injuries the photographer procured from this incident weren't specified in the court documents. Though Wilson's attorney claimed that his injured client suffered "a torn meniscus and knee cap damage in the accident and had to undergo arthroscopic surgery."

It was reported at the time of the incident that Justin Bieber provided immediate assistance to William Wilson after the photographer's foot was injured. Additionally, Bieber stayed on the scene until the police arrived, and the pop singer received no criminal charges at the time. The authorities claim it was an accident that likely occurred by the camera flash temporarily blinding Bieber, as the singer was behind the wheel. The cops also believe that Wilson should not have been on the street in front of the moving vehicle, as he put himself in a dangerous position.

Obviously, William Wilson sees things differently. He is suing the musician for unspecified damages, and it might ultimately be up to the court to decide whether or not he has a case. It should also be noted that he is suing the celebrity because settlements between the photographer and the musician's insurance company reportedly broke only a couple months ago. William Wilson's attorney claims that they got a "lowball" offer from them; they believe they're owed more compensation.

It's hard to know the full severity of William Wilson's injuries. But it's clear that he feels he is owed more than he received so far. He'll let the court determine whether he can be compensated more for this incident involving Justin Bieber's truck.

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