Hot off the promotional tour for his upcoming, sure-to-be blockbuster hit, Jurassic World, Chris Pratt has been attracting headlines left and right. It seems like nothing new ever since the star’s stellar performance as Peter Quill in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but for those of us who are Parks and Recreation fans as well, we know how deserving of attention the goofball actor really is. His time on the NBC hit series as the lovable Andy Dwyer surely set him up for his grander roles in the cinematic universe, and it seems like the bigger roles just keep on lining up.

Pratt, who is fairly active on social media saw an April Fool’s Reddit post from Dani_Californication which read, “Chris Pratt has just said to the mods: ‘If you get me to the top of /r/movies, I will do an AMA’! AbVotes to the left!” And sure enough, the post soared to the top. So, even though it was not Pratt who proclaimed this promise, he convinced his publicist to let him do it anyways, and damn are we glad she said yes. The AMA was a pile of gold, but here are a few extra hysterical highlights.

What Is His Favorite Movie And Why?
That is such a hard question. Probably something i saw as a kid simply for the sentimentality of it all. So Like Goonies or Bloodsport or something like that. Or maybe Rambo First Blood or the last Rambo where he outruns that dog, that shit was fucking crazy, or maybe City of God because that movie is awesome or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Across the Universe because I love the Beatles so much, or Country Strong, because just kidding, but that movie is actually really good but not my favorite of all time. Maybe the Neverending Story although I'm sure it doesn't hold up but I'll never know cause i'll never watch it again cause i hate when movies that i loved as a kid don't hold up for instance tango and cash just terrible.

I think my favorite line of this was, “...or Country Strong, because just kidding, but that movie is actually really good but not my favorite of all time.” But really what this response taught me is that basically Andy Dwyer and Chris Pratt are one in the same, because I can totally imagine Andy’s response being “Goonies or Bloodsport or something like that”.

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