Aaron Hernandez Denied Bail, Police Searching For Another Possible Accomplice

Police in Massachusetts have arrested a second man, Carlos Ortiz, in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd, and they’ve released information concerning a third man, Ernest Wallace, who they’re actively looking for. At this point, it’s unclear whether either man would be willing to testify against accused murderer Aaron Hernandez in exchange for a reduced charge, but even if neither accepts the offer that’s most likely coming, the now former NFL player seems destined to sit in jail for at least the next year or so.

That’s because his attorney pleaded with the court yesterday to offer his client bail so he could rehab his shoulder and take care of his fiancée and his baby, but that request was ultimately shot down. From an outside perspective, the decision was a bit surprising considering Hernandez is too famous to disappear, but according to Cinema Blend legal expert Brent Randall, there was a whole lot more involved here than simply being or not being a flight risk…

”There's three reasons why someone would be denied bail: because they're a risk to flee, to re-offend, or to prevent witnesses from making it to the eventual trial. Judges are asked to take things like the seriousness of the offence, the strength of the evidence so far, the accused's character and previous history into consideration.In this situation, Mr. Hernandez's lawyer argued that since Mr. Hernandez is a successful, famous athlete, he'd be unlikely to flee, re-offend, or interfere with witnesses. While that may be true, in denying bail, Judge Dupuis seems to be trying to maintain the integrity of the justice system, which is of course an overarching duty of anyone in the legal field. First degree murder is, in most people's minds, the most serious offence a person could be charged with in the United States. The evidence, while still yet to be tested in court, has satisfied Judge Dupuis that the charge is far from baseless. This is often enough to deny bail, and it was in the case here. Granting Mr. Hernandez bail would reflect poorly on the justice system (because of the media coverage, Mr. Hernandez's celebrity, etc.), and especially because it so rarely happens with first degree murder charges.”

Lloyd’s body was discovered inside an industrial park on June 17, just three days after he went to a nightclub with Hernandez and the two allegedly quarreled. Prosecutors claim they have surveillance footage of Hernandez, along with Ortiz and Wallace who were visiting from out of town, leaving the former Pro Bowler’s house with guns and returning shortly after shots were heard in the industrial park. Shell casings were also discovered in Hernandez’s rental car and ammunition consistent with what the victim was shot with was allegedly discovered inside a condo Hernandez was leasing.

In addition to his legal problems, Hernandez has also been cut by the Patriots and will be forced to go through NFL disciplinary action before being readmitted to the league, even if he’s acquitted of the murder charges. Beyond that, there’s also the permanent souring of his reputation and no doubt a souring of his relationship with his fiancée considering the man who died was her sister’s boyfriend.

Wallace is considered armed and dangerous, and at press time, police haven’t the slightest idea where he might be. Considering the all-consuming coverage of this case, however, it seems likely he’ll turn up sooner rather than later.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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