In addition to timed sprints, monitored bench presses, invasive measurements and thorough physicals, wannabe NFL players who attend the league’s annual combine undergo dozens of interviews with general managers, scouts and team presidents. During these chats, the players are grilled about everything from their football knowledge to their off-the-field behavior. From past arrests to poor performances, quite a bit comes up, but if Colorado tight end Nick Kasa is to be believed, the grilling went a little too far during one of his chats.

During an interview with ESPN, the draft prospect was asked to describe some of the questions he received. One of them was, allegedly, whether or not he likes girls. Kasa amusingly described the question as “kind of weird”, but when the NFL Players Association got wind of what happened, they definitely weren’t smiling. Asking a potential employee his or her sexual orientation is against both the law and the collective bargaining agreement.

In response to the allegations, the National Football League released a statement saying it’s taking Kasa’s allegations very seriously and has already launched an investigation. Any team caught asking potential players about sexual orientations will be severely disciplined. League officials might be okay with their teams prying into most areas of a potential player’s brain, but the who he goes to bed with department is one of the few that is off limits.

We’ll keep you updated as this investigation continues. More than likely, Roger Goodell will handle the matter internally without releasing a statement, but if he does go public with the findings, we’ll let you know what he discovered.

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