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Will Adele Be As Popular After Her Maternity Leave?

We still don’t have a ton of details about Adele’s pregnancy, but we do know the singer recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She and Simon Konecki are said to be over the moon, and as of now, the singer is reportedly planning to take an extended leave in order to enjoy her boyfriend and the newest addition to their family.

In just a few short years, Adele has gone from an unknown to one of the biggest pop stars in the world. With several number one hits on both sides of the pond, Grammy Awards and tons of high profile supporters, her fame is clearly on an upward trajectory at the moment, but if she does actually follow through with her stated plan to take as many as four or five years off, it’s unclear whether she’ll return to a world that’s quite as supportive.

The music business has a tendency to cycle in and out of genres. The style of voices the radio prefers and the type of beats it goes for are always changing. You would like to think Adele will simply pick up where she left off whenever she decides to return, but it’s unclear whether that’ll happen. She has the talent. She has the spunk, but success often requires timing too.

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