With far less need for driving in New York City, we haven’t heard a whole lot from Amanda Bynes over the past few months. Many hoped the silence was an indication she was getting her act together, but if this eviction news is taken as a larger sign, she’s definitely not a picture of perfection quite yet.

According to TMZ, Bynes’ NYC landlords hit her with a notice to vacate last month. Her neighbors complained repeatedly about the smell of pot smoke continuously wafting from her apartment. Some even reportedly claimed they spotted her toking up in the hallways inside the building. Rather than fight the measure, Bynes made the decision to quietly move out. That exodus officially happened this morning, though where she might have moved to is unclear.

At a non-smoking, high rent complex, there was no way management would sweep these concerns under the rug, regardless of the celebrity status of the offender. If people are going to pay top dollar, they (understandably) want a quiet, smoke free place to live. Consequently, if Bynes pulls these alleged shenanigans at her next complex, the end results will likely be the same.

I get the desire to smoke pot and the desire to smoke pot inside one’s residence, whether it’s smoke free or not, but there’s a difference between sneaking into the bathroom, turning all available fans on and doing your business and blazing up in the middle of the hallway without the slightest regard for others.

Bynes hasn’t commented publically on this eviction, but if she does either verify or call BS on the story, we will let you know what she has to say.

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