Amanda Bynes Is At It Again, Is She Crazy Or Just A Weirdo?


Last week, Amanda Bynes told her Twitter followers she wanted Drake to murder her vagina. This morning, she gave them the above look at her pushed up cleavage. God only knows what she’ll tweet out next week, but if it follows the current trend, it’ll be both bizarre and much discussed.

Bynes is far from the first woman to tweet out a picture of herself in a sexy outfit. Hell, Kris Jenner once tweeted out a nipple slip, but because of the actress’ long history of head-scratching behavior, many have taken these two incidents as more of a here-we-go-again thing and less of a twenty-something-having-a-little-fun thing.

Viewed from another angle, we’re always complaining about how politically correct and buttoned up most celebrities are. So, in a way, Bynes should actually be a refreshing alternative. She should be celebrated for her willingness to spew the thoughts that come into her head unfiltered, but instead, she’s constantly singled out as the crazy woman.

Personally, I think Bynes is a weirdo, but I think she’s probably mentally okay. What do you think? Does Amanda need professional help, or is she fine exactly as she is now? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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