Well, this won’t exactly put an end to those pregnancy rumors. Beyonce Knowles just cancelled her concert in Belgium, citing the old celebrity standbys dehydration and exhaustion. Of course, none of those reasons guarantee she’s expecting her second baby, but they could certainly be seen as bread crumbs on the way to baby Blue Ivy having a sibling.

According to TMZ, the singer herself hasn’t commented publically on all the whispers, but her representative did say Beyonce will seek the advice of a doctor before deciding how to move forward. That would certainly seem to point to a problem that lingers a little more than exhaustion—like pregnancy—but until someone speaks on the record and with a little bit of clarity, all we’ll have is more speculation.

For weeks, most of the whispers have claimed Beyonce and Jay-Z are planning to work on having another baby once she finishes her current tour. After all, that would give her one more chance to step in front of the world and interact with her fans before plunging into more domestic duties for another few years.

When it comes to babies, however, they don’t always come at the most logical time. Sometimes they sneak up on us, and parents just have to roll with the punches. Maybe that’s what is happening here. Maybe Beyonce really is suffering from exhaustion. We should know within a matter of weeks. We’ll make sure to keep you updated.

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