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Bruce And Kris Jenner Are Officially Separated

Kris Jenner may have spent the past few months denying rumors that she and husband Bruce Jenner are dunzo, but today, the embattled former talk show host/ current reality star finally decided to fess up and admit what’s been going on. She and the Olympic Gold Medalist have been living apart since June, and while there are no plans to divorce at the present moment, clearly, there’s a whole lot wrong with the relationship.

According to TMZ, the biggest problem is exactly what you would suspect from watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She’s a relentlessly driven fame fanatic, and he’s a pretty laid back guy that would just like to hang out. Consequently, all the cameras and the events and the appearances don’t sit well with him, especially since she’s only obsessed with piling more onto the plate. So, a few months ago, he packed up his things and moved to their house in Malibu on a full-time basis after twenty-two years of marriage.

The Kardashian women have long prided themselves on presenting a very luxurious, privileged and almost storybook appearance. A year from now, however, there’s a very real chance all four women will be unmarried and/ or involved in very questionable relationships. Khloe’s troubles with Lamar have been well-documented. Kourtney and Scott might be the most stable of the lot, and they’re far from the Cleaver’s. Kim and Kanye seem happy at the moment, but she got pregnant with his baby before she was even officially divorced, and now, Kris and Bruce are living in separate houses. I have no idea what’s in the water in that house, but hopefully, these women are all eventually able to find some calm and stability.

Pop Blend’s best wishes go out to Bruce and Kris during this troubling time. Here’s to hoping they’re able to remember all of the reasons they fell in love to begin with and try to find some common ground.

Mack Rawden

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