Check Out New Mom Kim Kardashian In A Revealing, Side Boob-Tastic Swimsuit

Back in June, Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl. In the four months or so since, she’s allowed herself to be photographed on more than a few occasions, but each time, she’s rocked something on the looser side that didn’t show off a lot of skin. That tendancy to cover up has led more than a few tabloids to wonder whether she’s having trouble getting back to her fighting weight. Let the record show that’s definitely not the case.

This week, the starlet hit up her Instagram account and decided to drop the microphone by offering up that curvaceous picture at the top of the article. Titled “#NoFilter”, it offers fans quite an eyeful of side boob and a pretty good look at the asset that first got the general public talking about Kardashian. More importantly, you can tell by the little half smile on her face that she’s clearly very pleased with where her body is at right now, which is all any woman can hope for just four months after welcoming a child into the world.

In the grand scheme of things that suck about pregnancy, shedding the extra pounds is most definitely near the top of the list. Some women magically snap their fingers and within a couple of months, it seems like they’re thinner than ever. For others, it’s a lengthy struggle to get back to where they’d like to be. Jessica Simpson fought like hell to shed her extra pounds, and almost as soon as she got there, the starlet found herself pregnant again. That, in and of itself, is a great reason why there shouldn’t be any set timetable to lose all the weight. The most important thing for a woman is simply to be comfortable with herself. As we all know, however, Kim seems most comfortable with herself when others are talking about her/ looking at her body.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to Kim for rocking the hell out of this swimsuit. Here’s to hoping she’s able to balance being a great mother and maintaining this figure moving forward.

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